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Panasonic / Poor customer service

1 Dallas, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 704-922-9611

Purchased new plasma TV from hh gregg six weeks ago. Friday night TV would not operate. No picture, no sound, no response except for power light blinking. Called hhgregg. They never heard of the problem. Called Panasonic, they said it was main processor in TV. Would be Wednesday of next week before they could get anyone out to look at it. Called hhgregg again, they said they didn't have anything to do with repair problems. We asked them to exchange the TV since it had only been 6 weeks. They, of course, can't do that either. Don't know how long we will be without TV since they are only coming on Wednesday and i am sure they will haveeto order parts.

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  • Rs
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    Panasonic - Terrible customer service!
    United States

    I recently bought LCD projector costing over $1500. After only a few months it began to shut off after a few minutes of running. Called the 800 number given with the product to inquire about the issue and it took no less than 30 minutes and several transfers to find the right department to even discuss the problem. The technical support department immediately pushed the issue off to the service repair company (only ONE authorized facility in the US) who informed me that they could fix the issue (faulty iris component) but I would have to pay to have it shipped in for repairs. After paying $25 to ship the item and waiting 10 days to get it back, the projector shut down after about 10 minutes of running (this time, the cooling fan stopped turning).

    I called the number provided on the return packing slip and got an automated operator which kept asking me which product I wanted to buy. By the time I finally got a live person, he didn't understand English and sent me back to the automated system. The third time I called I eventually got to another live operator who sent me to the Microwave division. Never mind that I had told him we had a problem with our PROJECTOR.

    To each operator and to the automated system, I had to give my name and Model number of the product and I was still shuffled around until the Microwave technical support gave me a new number to call, which was for Projector support. Of course, the projector support person immediately said "Sorry, I can't help you, it's a service issue, and they are already closed today, so call back tomorrow or another business day" (Doesn't he know that Wednesday comes before Thursday and Friday. Who do they employ anyway?).

    If it hadn't taken me an hour of calling in to the main Panasonic Customer NON service department and getting the run-around, I might have been lucky enough to talk to the service company before they closed. Now I get to call the main number back tomorrow and if I am lucky get to the service department so they can tell me to ship it back at my expense so they can keep me from watching TV for the next 10 -14 days.

    I will NEVER buy another Panasonic product and I do not recommend any to friends, colleagues, or even my enemies. I am sure that not all their products are this bad, but if there is a problem of any kind you cannot get help with it.

  • Pa
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Panasonic - Waiting over 40 days for a part for tv
    4100-16th ave so
    mpls, Minnesota
    United States
    Phone: 612-729-7174

    We have a repair plan... Waiting for a powerboard for the panisonic large screen lcd tv... They said they do not make them anymore.. The parts... So they took it out to have it repaired... And they are not sure that is the problem.. We had a power surge and we are covered for that with the repair plan... We want another tv... We are still waiting for the repaired part that has never came.. Over 40 days.. Every time we call sears they say it will be there next week... And it never arrives... Help!!! Rick and judy westom..

  • 4e
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    Panasonic - Terrible company
    United States

    I purchased a Panasonic DVD player; I believe that. I have owned the player less than two years and started to see where some DVD's would fail to load. This has only affected two DVD's so far, the most recent being "Gladiator". When the DVD attempts to load, it fails with the message, "Please check the disk". In searching the internet, I found others with this problem and was required to send the player to NEI Inc. in Atlanta for an "upgrade". I was told that this company was the only one to perform this upgrade which cost me $65. I have yet to receive the player back. I am very disappointed with this. You can imagine the embarrassment of getting ready to enjoy a DVD over the holidays only to find out that there appears to be some defect in the player. I would like to receive a refund on my $65 which would improve the chances that I will ever trust Panasonic again.

  • Va
      20th of Sep, 2009
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    Im from delhi, Rohini(INIDA).EVEN i bought a panasonic refrigrator for 40 grands and it hardly gives ICE in 2 hrs and gets out of order within few days.and then they will send some one who is not adequately skilled to handel it...I will for sure fire a case against the company in CONSUMAR COURT.

  • He
      12th of Jul, 2010
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  • Da
      9th of Sep, 2010
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    Panasonic - Beware
    United States

    I bought a Panasonic microware oven to replace my old 18-year-old one. Three months later, the unit stops working with a H97 error message, which by the way, would I have done my homework, I would have known this was a very common failure with this product and definitely would have not bought it.

    After calling Panasonic technical support, they tell me that I need to bring the unit to an approved repair site. The closest to my house was 1/2 hour away. There was no other option other than hauling the bad product to this place. I dropped the unit on a Tuesday. After a week, I called the repair center on a Wednesday and they tell me I might not have my microwave oven back until the following week because the technicial looked at it the day after I dropped it off (Wednesday), the part was ordered the day after (Thursday) and it usually takes 5-10 business days to get the part, which means I will not get my repaired oven back possibly for another week or two. All together over a month without being able to use a product bought only 3 months ago. That is unacceptable and very poor customer service.

    Needless to say this will be the last time I or any member of my family will be buying *any* Panasonic product. Not only the product quality is questionable but the hassles this company puts customers through in order to have something that should have not broken that soon to begin with, repaired, is unacceptable.

    I am going to pick up the broken unit and Ebay it to recover some of the money I wasted on this bad product and I will go out to buy a new one which will certainly not be a Panasonic. I am sure glad I did not buy a Panasonic big flat screen T.V.

  • Le
      27th of Sep, 2010
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    Panasonic - Stole our money
    United States

    We had purchased a Panasonic hybrid phone system from this company after ours was hit by lightning and destroyed. When we hired a local company to come and install the unit, it was set up and plugged in. It would not turn on. was contacted. We were told too bad so sad. No refunds and no exchaged after 5 days of receipt. It took 5 days to get someone here to install the unit!! We sent the unit back. They accepted it, but still refuse to refund our money or give us a new working unit. This company will send you defective merchandise. They have a no refund policy. When you return the defective merchandise, they will accept it, keep it, NOT REPLACE it and keep your money too!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Do
      12th of Nov, 2010
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    One of 3 handsets became inoperable.

    I called to see where it should be sent.

    I was given the choice of any authorized repair center, I chose San Carlos thinking it was closer than McAllen Texas.

    Then I get a notification from the San Carlos repair center that my handset CANNOT be repaired without the BASE! But the McAllen Texas center could send me another handset. I was told that the new handset could not be sent to me until they received the inoperable one.

    It has been 3 weeks and the corporate office of Panasonic still has NOT sent the San Carlos repair center a simple LABEL to mail the handset to Texas!!! I have been calling to try and expedite the new handset to NO avail. I have been put on hold and given the run-around for over 3 weeks and I shall never purchase another Panasonic product again. Be ware!

  • Fo
      11th of Jan, 2011
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    Panasonic - faulty electronics
    Huntington Beach
    United States

    As like many others I bought a $1700.00 Panasonic TH50PX60U Plasma that after 2 years does not work 10 blinks of death.Seems like now days everything is about high
    profits and staying ahead of the competition at the expense of the consumer any problem will be addressed (after warranty runs out) just put it out on the market
    and the next model will probably have the fix.The only way to response is to personally to consider that company out of business so not only the type of product you bought
    but all products from that company in this case Panasonic.

    Very Dissatisfied Consumer: Guy Lazzaro

  • Ed
      24th of Jan, 2011
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    Panasonic - Bad joke
    United States

    ANGST!! This online seller is THE WORST experience I have had in over 13 years of online shopping. I ordered a DMP-BD85 BLU RAY W/ STREAMIMG & WI FI DVD player on 11-30-10 for the great price of $125 via a corporate buying deal with free 1-3 day shipping. I look at my checkout cart and price mysteriously changed to $137.50!! I got no help no explanation other than web prices do not always reflect final cart checkout price. WHAT!? That was the final answer after waiting 70 minutes on ignore. I then e-mailed eppsupport AT and told them this was fraud and illegal. I got a voice-mail at home saying they had adjusted the price back to $125.00 as website initially showed. Their website is a tragic joke. It is always outdated with order status never updated. Days, weeks, went by and no DVD player arrives, no website info and no e-mails from -- ?? Sadly, after 2-3 more calls to them, they admitted item was on back-order and since Christmas is so busy a time, we customers need to be more patient. Hunh?! Then magically, 44 days after my order, on 1-12-11 -- UPS drops the DVD player off at my house. never e-mailed me when it was being shipped AS THEY PROMISED. Instead, I about trip over the dang thing on my front porch in its box with all the logos and pics advertising, "Hey folks, please steal me." When I let customer service know it had finally arrived, they simply e-mail replied saying, "We see it was shipped UPS. Hope this info is helpful." Duh . . . What is wrong with this company? AVOID WEBSITE. AVOID their scam. I only hope this thing works right .

  • Ge
      27th of Jan, 2011
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    Panasonic - Panasonic

    Past April I´ve bought a Panasonic HDC SD 10 digital HD camcorder in Bergamo, Italy. I used it for 4 hours as much without troubles, except for a poor color balance in general. Past weekend, my camcorder has fallen from my hands to the flor from a height of one foot having not any noticieable exernal damage. After this, my camcorder has shown a failure at its LCD display and unrecognizing the SD card. Once contacted with Panasonic of Argentina, they told me that such camcorder is not under guarantee or service responsability in my country given it was not sold in Argentina offering me an alternative solution sending it to a Panasonic serviceman with charge, of course. Prior to send it, I decided to check it by myself (Remember I was camcorders serviceman). Imagine my surprise when I discovered a little crack in the mail board that generated an intermitent trouble I solved with a plastic wich made a little pressure on it. My camra is running again but I don´t know until when. I can´t understand how a first level company as Panasonic can deliver a product that can be broken with a so little knock. And, moreover, I can´t understand how a product is sold with "one year international guarantee" and that is not really so. Be careful to buy something of this brand outside your country. I´m not claiming for any guarantee because the knock. But, if there were not caused by a stroke?

  • Ma
      10th of Mar, 2011
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    I bought the panasonic th-c50fd18a. Shortly after the warranty ran out it quit working, i called an electronics company authorized to service Panasonic. They charged me $85.00 to come out and test the tv.the tech never hooked up a tester to the set. He told my wife that he would call the next day with an estimate. He called me the next day and said the trouble code indicated the d-board was bad. The estimate was $429.00. I said ok, it was cheaper than a new tv. They called the next day and said panasonic says the trouble code is wrong, it's the p-board which is $15.00 more. I said forget it. I now have a $1400.00 piece of junk. I will never buy anything from Panasonic again. I am looking for a new tv, not Panasonic!!! Mark in Apache Junction AZ

  • Ni
      6th of Apr, 2011
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    Oh you got it easy. My price difference was over $1, 100!! I ordered a Plasma TV at what I thought was a great price, also through my employee purchase program...went to track the order and noticed that the tV that I thought I ordered for $752 was now being charged $1, 769!! I contacted customer service, and they said, sorry, it was a type-o on our website, but it's $1, 769, too bad. I talked to 2 supervisors...Latoya and Alex...who could offer NOTHING to help. Just the same BS about their crappy pricing policy, which allows them to just change prices at will, apparently... and worse...Alex confirmed that if I hadn't caught it by tracking my order, they would have shipped the TV, and just BILLED MY CREDIT CARD THE ADDITIONAL MONEY without getting my prior approval to the additional price! How in God's name is this LEGAL???

  • Bi
      8th of Apr, 2011
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    Wow! I had the same problem!! However, I also purchased an extended plan with HH Gregg but they stated it wouldn't kick in until the Panasonic warranty expired. Purchased the TV for a Christmas present in November. started using the television in right after Christmas and it went out with the same problem as above. Contacted Panasonic and I am still dealing with them as of April 8th. They always say "this complaint is being pushed to a higher level and you will get a call back 24-48 hours later." I have never once received a return call from panasonic despite what Annie, Dexter, Karen, Ashley, David and countless other stated. They lie just to get you off the phone. Finally panasonic agreed to refund me the money but the delivery service they use have already cancelled on my 3 times (twice after I took time off from work). Customer service is very nice on the phone but never get anything done. It is now 3 months since television quit working and I am still without a television. Stay away from panasonic!!!

  • Bk
      14th of May, 2011
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    had a Panasonic 50" plasma for 7 months, yes I had the same problem but i did have the protection coverage, WELL on the SECOND visit of the repairman PANASONIC sent a DEFECTIVE part for the repair so now i have to wait for over a month for a third visit and hopefully the correct working part to arrive, I also tried to talk with someone at Panasonic who has a brain and could help but I don't think Panasonic has anyone in the company that can do anything right NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING THAT IS MAKE OR SERVICED BY PANASONIC

  • Pa
      10th of Sep, 2011
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    Panasonic - Inferiority
    United States
    Phone: 714.625.9295

    I used to believe that Panasonoic products were among the best. Had I not believed that I would have taken so long to realize that they are inferior.
    3 strikes and you are out, Panasonic! I'll never buy your products again!
    (1) I bought my wife a Panasonic Lumix camera. Much of the time when outdoors the you can't see an image on the LCD. Also, picture quality is inferior to my Canon's.
    (2) The key pad on my Panasonic telephone/ answering machine sometimes takes multiple presses to input a digit & other times it inputs the digit twice. Also, its developed a loud irritating hum when recording.
    (3) By fa the worst of the 3 is my DVD recorder/ VHS player. It is a total mess. It frequently gets a brain freeze and locks up like a bad computer. The only solution is to unplug it. Simply turning it off is not an Option.

  • Co
      8th of Feb, 2012
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    Panasonic - Poor design, worse warranty
    6950 Nolen Cir
    United States
    Phone: 5132714513

    I am disappointed in a poor camera: Panasonic's DMC-ZR1. I am more disappointed with their service and support. The original camera got dust inside the lens assembly and affected pictures with a grey dot. Since it wasn't fixable, I sent it back. They sent me a refurbished one and the exact same thing happened again. However, their 90 day warranty expiration quickly expired, and I was stuck with essentially a broken camera. They just sent me the broken one back. Avoid Panasonic Cameras, avoid Panasonic anything with their poor warranty.

  • Ch
      21st of Mar, 2012
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    Panasonic - remote controller
    United States

    I purchased a 42 Inch Panasonic Viseo in late January 2012, I had to wait a few weeks until install. I opened the box and there was not a remote control. I immediately called Panasonic and on 2/10/12 I faxed them all of the required information; proof of purchase, etc. I had to call a few days later to ensure that they recieved; first horrible service issue. Once I did, I contacted them again some days later and they told me it was on back order until 2/24/12. I called them on 2/24/12 and they proceeded to tell me it was still on backorder and could not provide me with a date as to when it would be in. I told the supervisor to ensure to mark that "I am very disgruntled, and would like expedient process once it came in." I called again on 3/5/12 and a supervisor again told me it was backordered and it may take another 3-4 weeks. To this date, 3/21/12 I have still not received my remote control. This is the most horrible service I have ever recieved on any type of tv/appliance. They did not even suggest any type of compensation for my issue. A tv running off the assembly line now adays without a remote is like a car running off the assembly line without a steering wheel! Panasonic has a lot to learn about quality checks and ensuring customer happiness! I will just not purchase another Panasonic electronic of any type after this fiasco!

  • Jo
      25th of Jul, 2016
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    Panasonic - panasonic cut me off,after i phoned them
    6 fifth street
    England, Hampshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 07725992864

    I rang up panasonic this morning, 11.6.12, i wanted to ask a question about one of your hooversMCUL712'S, I wanted to know, another name for the angle of the panasonicMCUL712'S 90 degrees turning circle, is it a right angle, left angle, centre angle.
    I am disgusted by your customer service, i was on the phone for 10 mins, then your staff cut me off, i am so cross with your company, apparently you charge a pound a minute, ive lost 10pounds because of you, you have ruined my day, i want that 10pounds, because they have cut my wages at work, i didnt even get an answer that i wanted.

  • Pa
      27th of Jul, 2016
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    Panasonic's USA team has begun reviewing this particular site. I recommend you use the below link to partner with our UK counterparts.

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