Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)still the same old issues with website

Back in 2013 someone on this forum made a complaint, there were issues with processing a credit card through the website and the "session timing out".

In 2017 the same issue exists, everytime i fill out everything of the booking process and try to process my visa card, the webiste gives a message "session timed out", even though I tried ten times, each time much faster than the last. Sadly, after calling PIA customer support, I realize they dont have a process to make the booking and process payment over the phone (UNBELIEVABLE!!!). They cannot help over the phone and referred me to either visit their office and pay higher prices as compared the website or "try again on the website" (LOL...thank you for the suggestion to trying again)

I urge PIA to PLEASE look through other international airline websites and figure out how easy they are to navigate and process the booking. Because of issues like this all over the country, our reputation as a nation gets affected. Especially because people know that Nothing gets changed in Pakistan. Even as I write this, I have a feeling someone will read this and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. We are all paying premium prices for a low quality service with PIA. But unfortnately, sometimes we dont have a choice, since PIA is the only airline that offers nonstop flights to various destintation. And it clearly seems as though PIA is very well aware of this sad fact and easily avoids making efforts to increase quality (becuase that would require actually spending some money)

Feb 03, 2017

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