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Dear customer service
First of all I am glad to see that PIA has finally made their website to purchase the tickets online. I tried experiencing to buy the ticket from website and I found lots of problems with it . First of all your website ask for too much information about passenger which is not necessary to purchase tickets. All these questions are the questions for immigration to ask you at the airport. Even by the time you fill all the information for one family of four, the session gets expire and you have to start all over again which is very frustrating . You almost want to punch the hell out of computer. So I tried putting information as quickly as possible to get to the next page and after I put my credit card info, I got the message that credit card holder must be one of the passenger. Now tell me what kind of sense that makes???. I was trying to buy tickets for my wife and my kids using my credit card . How I suppose to buy tickets for them. Usually household have the credit cards, not a house wife or kids. I can understand your concerns about credit cards frauds but you guys can make a rule to show the credit card at the time of check in at the airport, and I will be happy to show them my credit card at the airport. I was very disappointed after I spend two hours to buy the tickets and I could not buy them because of some stupid rules you guys have created. I would like to suggest you guys that please pick any airline of the world and go to their website and see how easy this process is to buy the tickets online. They are not even close to PIA website. I hope you guys improve your website and try to make it user friendly so people have convenience to buy the ticket online and cut all the fraud travel agents who book all the seats with fake names and tells you that airplane is full and actually it’s not. Even the PIA office at Kuwait city are corrupt. I call them to buy tickets and they gave me the highest price even though it was much cheaper to get it online. When one of my friend call them about the same tickets they gave him cheaper price than me. Just because my friend buy tickets from them more often and gets the good price. I really hope you forward my complaint to the right departments and I get feedback on the resolutions. Thanks

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Mar 13, 2013
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  •   Jun 22, 2017

    it is still the same, just today, i wasted my morning on this session expire issue. i entered the details as fast as i could, got the session expire msg. i called them emailed them, i was told that the browser that i am using or the internet connection that i am using has the problem. mehwish told me that when i called the international toll free number today around 12 45pm. NO IT IS NOT THE INTERNET OR THE BROWSER as i am able to do online shopping using the same browser and inter all the time.


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