p90x / Beach Body / P90X International fraudulent Charges

United States

First of all, pay attention to your billing and what you are buying. Nothing is what it seems with this company. 39.95 x 3 on top of shipping and handling and sales tax. = first payment of approx 80 bucks as well as 2 installments of approx 44 bucks. Not exactly 3 payments of 39.95. Also sneaking in trial periods of on-line membership and some vitamins. Trial means its free now but you will be charged eventually. Pay attention!!! This means you will be charged approx 35 / month for the on-line club membership and approx 60 something every two months for the supplement. Pay Attention!!! you can call and cancel... 2nd of all... coincidentally the same day I was to be charged for my 2nd installment I had several fraudulent charges attempted on my credit card. One did make it through and my bank suspected fraud and put a hold on the card and denied all charges. Thank fully they are refunding the charge that made it through. I called p90x and they claim to have no knowledge of this attempt nor do they sell personal information. However, I find it very coincidental, as well as knowing on a personal note that this was a brand new account and the credit card was not used for any purchases other than the purchase of the p90x package. I am 100% confident that the two are connected. either through dishonest employees or unsecure lines on behalf of p90X. My charge was 88 and some change in Euro which amounted to 114 and some change in the us dollar plus a 3 and some change dollars in conversion fee. Totaling 119 and some change from some service station over seas under the name petro something. doesn't matter couldn't google them or find anything period. I could not understand the name of the other accounts that attempted charges I just know it was an on line company or something careful. luckily i pay close attention and i have a great bank that looks out for me. best of luck

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