Outback Steakhousecarside to go waitress

I ordered carside to go from Plant City, FL outback last night. When I arrived home, one of the items ordered was not in the bag. I called the manager who added my name to the log and advised me to pick it up anytime. I went tonight to pick it up and at first planned to order an additional item. The waitress slowly walked out and up to my car and asked if I called in an order.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Plant City, FLI attempted to tell her that I was there to pick up the missed item, but as I was talking, she Lolly-gagged back into the restaurant as if I wasn't saying a word. A couple of minutes later, she walked out to my car again with her pad and pen and asked me again what she could get for me. I then told her I had changed my mind about ordering something else, just give me the item missed last night. Again, I had to repeat myself. she walked away from the car before I could finish saying what I wanted to say a second time. She was apparently on something or just doesn't give a ###.

May 01, 2017

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