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Sirs, I have tried all methods of getting a way to remove all ladies, from my "Who I Sad Yes To" folder. I find, as a member, since 2002, this situation down right insulting, and hereby, file a formal complaint to you, and request that you immediately install a simple, easy to use, method for your members in good standing, to empty this folder, either a page at a time, or, all at once. As I Said, The situation you have created here, is not only ridiculous, but down right insulting, to all members who want to have control of what is shown in ALL folders, as is their right, and OurTime dragging it's feet on this matter, in absolutely, again, insulting. please respond to me at [protected]@Hotmail.Com and inform first that you have received this formal complaint, and then a second time, when you have installed the simple manner of accomplishing this. It should not be difficult for you to install a bos, to check, and a simple delete, at the bottom of the page, as is in all other folders. There was no mention of complaint in your list, to put in the box below, and it wouldn't continue, without filling that box, so I just put a randome entry there Lynn A. Blackwood Sr AGentleStranger2 [protected]@Hotmail.Com

Oct 23, 2015

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