Orbitz / Terrible online booking system

Las Vegas, NV, United States

I want to share with you my experience in Vegas, NV. as I just woke up this morning in my mini-van writing my complaint of Orbitz.

My both in-laws (50+) and my wife had just spent our night in our Mini-Van and thanks for Orbitz set us up this wonderful weekend. We booked thru Orbitz online system on last Friday night for a single-night with Emerald Suites hotel. But, when we got here at Emerald Suites lobby, Voila.. no reservation was found. We called Orbitz and we even presented our electronic confirmation to Orbitz customer service. They simply said there was error somewhere. The best they can do was to give us refund plus $ 100.00 credit for next booking. NEXT BOOKING after this experience????? My wife told the agent, Claudia, Orbitz can keep this $ 100.00 big dollars. All they have to do is to spend a night in a mini-van as my family did.

Unfortunately, Vegas was fully booked in every hotel and motel yesterday because of some sport event. We even tried to find affordable hotel as far as Hendersion and Boulder City but we have no luck. Orbitz said there was one room in Venetian hotel at rate of $ 400.00 per night. Orbitz is generous enough to pay $ 100.00 and we cover the rest ( $ 300.00). Seriously, this is out of my budget. This was the first time my family had to sleep in my mini-Van on a Vegas vacation.

I am not afraid to go for more detail with anyone because I am very very upset as I am writing in my mini-Van. DO NOT TRUST ORBITZ ONLINE SYSTEM EVEN YOU RECEIVED SOLID CONFIRMATION.

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