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Orbitz / Flight confirmation errors

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On December 23, 2006, my husband and I were at the Philadelphia Airport to board our flight from Philadelphia to San Juan for our honeymoon. From San Juan, we were supposed to pick up a connecting flight to Tortola. Then from Tortola we were supposed to pick up our last connecting flight to our final destination, Antigua. When we arrived at the U.S. Airways ticket counter we were told that our seats were not confirmed for the connecting flights therefore they could not let us board our flight to San Juan. I showed them my itinerary from Orbtiz which showed that our flights were confirmed and explained that I even spoke to a customer service representative from Orbitz who told me that the seats were confirmed. The U.S. Airways ticket agent said that Orbtiz never confirmed our seats on the connecting flights which meant that the seats were no longer available. When I asked what to do the ticket agent told me to call Orbitz. We stepped out of line and I immediately called the Orbitz customer service number. The representative could not help me and kept telling me that his computer showed that the flights were confirmed. I responded that the U.S. Airways ticket agent printed us a flight sheet that showed that we were not on the connecting flights. The Orbtiz customer service representative then asked to speak to a ticket agent from U.S. Airways. I walked back to the ticket counter and explained our situation to another agent. She said that they are not allowed to use customer’s cell phones and she said that Orbitz would not be able to help her anyway. I then disconnected my phone call from the Orbitz customer service representative. The U.S. Airways ticket agent was able to arrange for us to fly out the next day, December 24, 2006. She put us on a flight from Philadelphia to San Juan with a connecting flight from San Juan to Antigua. We then checked into the Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport since we live over an hour away from the airport and our ride had already left.

Once I returned from our honeymoon, I tried to contact Orbitz on several occasions. I was put on hold for 30 minutes even up to an hour each time I called. On January 15, 2007, I called the Orbitz customer service line and explained the situation to a customer service representative. He told me to call the airlines. I called Liat and Caribbean Sun and representatives from both airlines stated that Orbitz would be responsible for compensation since it was their error.

Due to careless errors made by Orbitz, we lost one night from our honeymoon – a night that we can never make up and our travel experience was ruined. We also lost money from our accommodations in Antigua since we did not arrive on Saturday as expected. Orbitz has not responded to any communication made to them.

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  • Ch
      28th of Jul, 2007
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    I'm a college student from austin texas who when gets a chance loves to travel. This recent spring break '07, I along with a few friends, arranged a RT flight to NY, New York threw Orbitz. The trip was going well, too good to be true. On the third night into our five day stay, ol' mother nature shed some eight inches of snow on the city. It was an odd change of weather 68 degrees by day 25 by night. The unusual storm went as fast as it came. The temperature rose as fast as it fell and then rose and fell again. If you come from austin texas you are familiar with this, flip-flop weather, it doesn't snow that often and is short lived if it does. It snowed all night melted into slush the next day than refroze over night, making roads the next morning very unsafe. The snow storm also put a freeze on all flights in the NY area due to, well you know. We didn't take the delay so hard and made the most of our extra time. One day was lost rescheduling new flights and finding a place to stay. We all wanted to get back home by saturday to get ready for school, instead studies will wait until tuesday. But what kid is in a hurry to get back to school. Orbitz arranged for us to depart 6am tuesday out of Queens. 60 dollars less to my name for the cabby we arrive an hour 15 early at Queens airport. Waited forever in line to be informed by the lady behind the counter that we didn't have any reservation. I 'm not Indian but by the e-mail conformation print out i indeed had a reservation. I'm apathetically told sorry, step aside call orbitz and see went wrong. I also don't have out of state phone service costing me a dollar a minute to use my cell phone. On average the wait for orbitz to take your call was about 30 minutes than another 15 or so to process your reservation. After the 30 dollar wait they tell me they goofed and after another 30 dollars of waiting they "have book" me on the next available flight which so happens to be out of New Jersy 14 hours later. I'm feeling sick for home and never a happy person after I'm told to get along for 14 hours and find a way to New Jersey at 7am if I want to get home. Orbitz make royal error, pay cabby 90 dollars and go straight to Jersey. I had to much fun to let this get to me. Took it as a chance to get some more awesome NY food. 60 to queens, 150 talk time, 90 to jersey, 300 dollars I'm down for the orbitz detour. 14 hours later I get to jersey and dejavu with the counter clerk. Orbitz almost got it right this time they reserved me a seat but forgot to clear the airline charges. The airline gave me the same lack of concern I got in queens told me to step aside and call orbitz. 45 minutes of waiting to fix the problem remember 45 min. equals 45 dollars. orbitz continues to undo my good mood from the vacation. 45 minutes is cutting it close to take off. I'm worried and they still can't resolve the error. 5 minutes before take off 55 dollars donated to my phone company they give me the ticket. I have contacted orbitz for compensation and the best they could do was a 100 coupon/ voucher for my business. That covers my taxi ride to jersey. 400 dollar less in my pocket thanks to orbitz!!!

  • Hp
      10th of Mar, 2014
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    We booked with Orbitz two months before our trip and had a copy of the schedule which Orbitz sent us. When we got into Honolulu to catch a connecting flight to the big island we were told that we did not have a reservation. Luckily, United Airlines booked us on the next flight out but we had to wait several hours to catch that flight. No explanation from Orbitz. Very upsetting experience.

  • Or
      27th of Mar, 2014
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    Hi, HppyHrss,

    This is Robert, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations team. We want to learn more about your experience
    so that we can address the issue. Please email us at Please use my name in the subject line, so
    that I can investigate further.

    Thank you for your patience, I look forward to hearing from you.


    Robert Woyach
    Orbitz Customer Relations

  • Co
      31st of Mar, 2014
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    No sense of integrity felt by me while dealing with this provider. Single room publicized on the web site but when went for it got the wrong one, far away from the one in the image. Customer service could not do anything but keep telling sorry. Meanwhile booked with a wholly different site known as Since then making all of my booking with them. They have a network of less costly but quality resorts which sometimes could not be found on site like Orbitz. Orbitz ought to be following their path of work.

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