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Orbitz / Inconvenient website, worthless service!

1 United States

I have spent over $3,000 this summer on various trips with Orbitz and will NEVER use them again. Aside from there inconvenient website in which you can only book a vacation, hotel reservation, or plan tickets for a maximum of 4 people, there customer service representatives are worthless!

Orbitz's customer service call centers are scattered throughout the world in different countries which should be a good thing, but for Orbitz who does not know how to run a consumer friendly company has turned it into a chaotic mess! They have not only insulted every American who uses their site but every American who's lost a job because the company wanted their profits to be a priority over their customer service. The least they could do is use people (or countries) with some type of universal communication skills! Orbitz agents are not "understandable" and are not able to communicate under any other situation than looking at a computer screen and reading off information that I could have done myself. They are a worthless third party expense that is unnecessary!

The following was my latest (and final) experience with Orbitz customer service:

I had purchased a plan ticket for my daughters friend so that he could fly out to see her then drive her back from Idaho to Iowa from her summer internship. 3 hours prior to his flight leaving, we had found out that his flight was delay 2 hours which meant he would miss his connecting flight in Minnesota. I contacted Orbitz customer service to see if they could get him on a different flight (should be simple!).

The first customer service representative started out by asking a series of questions in order to get the information needed to bring up my account. He then said he'd have to contact the airlines and he was going to put me on hold... 10 minutes later after listing to the same music over and over... I was put back into the call queue and a different representative answered. I then had to start all over by answering the series of questions and of course this person had to put me on hold to contact the airlines. I was then (as before) put back into the call queue when the third representative introduced herself I became very upset. I stated I would not repeat the same information a third time but gave her my name and told her I expected to be connected to the person who had been helping me previously. I told her the situation I just described and she stated that the other Orbitz representative is most likely in another country and she could not reach them! I told her how I felt and that I wanted to speak to her manager. She said that was not possible and she could help me. I stated she could not and "demanded" I speak to someone in charge. She put me on hold and I waited 15 - 20 minutes this time. A woman answered stating she was from a different location and asked me what my Orbitz customer number was. At this point I was not about to repeat the information I had already repeated 4 times!

At this point as you can imagine I was extremely irritated and demanded some compensation. She said she would give me a voucher for $25 on my next Orbitz trip! Like I'm EVER going to use Orbitz again! This was all they could do for me.

It all comes down to Orbitz not being able to service their customers. Not only do they give their customer the "run around" they finalize the situation by insulting the people who pay their wages, the customer! I have to wonder what business they are really in.

In the time I spent on the phone just trying to 'talk' to someone (not even getting answers to my questions) the flight had been delayed a third time and it was too late to get another flight as because by now all the flights from the Des Moines, IA airport were over for the evening!

I have not received any word from Orbitz - no surprise!

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