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Orbitz / Air reservations problem

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In July, I ordered airfare tickets for Guangzhou, China via LA from The departure date was Sept 21. On Sept, 19th I received an email from Orbitz talking about my upcoming trip. When I noticed that the exact times for the first leg of my flight had changed, I checked and verified that the times for the overseas leg had not changed. However, I did not notice that the DATE had changed and I did not find this out until I got to the airport to check in for the first leg of my flight. In a 3 way conversation between Orbitz and the airline that had made the change, China Southern, I found out that China Southern had canceled their flights on the day for which my orignal reservation had been made and had pushed back my departure date by an entire day. However, since they did not have my contact information, all they could do was notify Orbitz.

My complaint is that nowhere in the email that Orbitz had sent me did they specifically advise me that the date had changed. The email offered all sorts of useless tips in large fonts, but my actual flight info was buried in the email in a small font and like I said, there was no indication in any way that anything had been changed. I needed to arrive on the original date, but Orbitz refused to to re-book me on another airline at their expense. Fortunately, China Southern eventually offered to re-book me. All I can say about Orbitz is BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Ei
      19th of Jan, 2007
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    Having flown to china a number of times I agree that this poster really should have had more help from Orbitz but I know that Orbitz stinks and is the worst travel service.

    The poster was lucky that China Southern offered to help.

  • St
      11th of Apr, 2007
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    On December 23, 2006, my husband and I were at the Philadelphia Airport to board our flight from Philadelphia to San Juan for our honeymoon. From San Juan, we were supposed to pick up a connecting flight to Tortola. Then from Tortola we were supposed to pick up our last connecting flight to our final destination, Antigua. When we arrived at the U.S. Airways ticket counter we were told that our seats were not confirmed for the connecting flights therefore they could not let us board our flight to San Juan. I showed them my itinerary from Orbitz which showed that our flights were confirmed and explained that I even spoke to a customer service representative from Orbitz who told me that the seats were confirmed. The U.S. Airways ticket agent said that Orbtiz never confirmed our seats on the connecting flights which meant that the seats were no longer available. When I asked what to do the ticket agent told me to call Orbitz. We stepped out of line and I immediately called the Orbitz customer service number. The representative could not help me and kept telling me that his computer showed that the flights were confirmed. I responded that the U.S. Airways ticket agent printed us a flight sheet that showed that we were not on the connecting flights. The Orbtiz customer service representative then asked to speak to a ticket agent from U.S. Airways. I walked back to the ticket counter and explained our situation to another agent. She said that they are not allowed to use customer’s cell phones and she said that Orbitz would not be able to help her anyway. I then disconnected my phone call from the Orbitz customer service representative. The U.S. Airways ticket agent was able to arrange for us to fly out the next day, December 24, 2006. She put us on a flight from Philadelphia to San Juan with a connecting flight from San Juan to Antigua. We then checked into the Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport since we live over an hour away from the airport and our ride had already left.

    Once I returned from our honeymoon, I tried to contact Orbitz on several occasions. I was put on hold for 30 minutes even up to an hour each time I called. On January 15, 2007, I called the Orbitz customer service line and explained the situation to a customer service representative. He told me to call the airlines. I called Liat and Caribbean Sun and representatives from both airlines stated that Orbitz would be responsible for compensation since it was their error.

    Due to careless errors made by Orbitz, we lost one night from our honeymoon – a night that we can never make up and our travel experience was ruined. We also lost money from our accommodations in Antigua since we did not arrive on Saturday as expected. Orbitz has not responded to any communication made to them.

  • Je
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    My husband and I had the exact same experience happen to us on our recent honeymoon. We had booked tickets through Orbitz a year ago from DC to Barcelona. A few months before our departure, we got an email from Orbitz saying our itinerary had changed...not just a couple of hours, but two DAYS later. We called customer service and after half a dozen calls back and forth between Iberia and Orbitz, they booked us on an acceptable itinerary. On the day we were to leave on our honeymoon, we arrived at the airport only to be told by the American Eagles Airlines (code share) ticket counter representative that "we had a reservation but not tickets" for our flight. She said to call Orbitz because they had made a mistake.

    I was on the phone with Orbitz for 2 hours during which time we missed our flight and my cell phone battery died. I spoke to 4 people including one supervisor, and one of the representatives even did a 3 way call with an Iberia representative. They were never able to resolve the issue and book our tickets. They were totally unapologetic, even suggesting numerous times that they had done nothing wrong despite the fact that we are literally standing in the airport having missed our flight because we couldn't get our tickets. After we had missed the flight, we had to buy new tickets on a different airline at 3 times the price we had paid for the Orbitz tickets. What a way to start our honeymoon!

    Now that we are home after the honeymoon, we filed a dispute with our bank to fight the Orbitz charges. While we are waiting for the bank to file the dispute, I will also send some letters to Orbitz requesting a refund. What a nightmare...

  • Ba
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    I am sorry the person had that problem.However, I may be in the same boat if things don't change. I did change my departure dates and did also had to pay a steep price for doing so. Yet I have not received my confirmation by e-mail as of this day (I changed the day by phone at Orbitz customer service center) I don't have anything in writing to take to the airport to prove my right and my husband's right to board the plane. What is the problem? The service personnel assured me she
    was e-mailing me my voucher. Not yet have I received it. They have charged my Visa card for the trip. I made this transaction on Monday, today is Friday.? What is the problem here?

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