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I called optimum to ask upon what services is it that they decided to charge a service call fee. First the automated system after I selected that I had a billing question the automated person proceeded to say their recorded message and then ended the call when that's not what I needed to know. Called again entered the telephone number associated with the account, waited on hold due to high call volume, when I finally got a live person first thing I did was give her my name then I tried asking the question I had about my bill and she did not understand. I asked for a supervisor she asked for my account number gave it to her, if I said it to fast for her she did not ask me to repeat the account number. She proceeded to ask me my name which I had already given her my name, after this the representative hung up and if the case was that the call disconnected she had my contact info and the called could have been returned since I had to wait due their high call volume. But no I called again and wanted to automatically speak to a supervisor, again waited on hold due to high call volume i did explain to the representative that I wanted a supervisor more so not so much for the billing question but due to the prior representative hanging up and not returning the call. This representative did not ask for my account number all she asked was for my name and address that I provided. Not sure why the prior representative asked for the account number that was given to her and ended up hanging up. I explain to her that I wanted a supervisor due to the prior phone call, she did want to help me but I was frustrated due to waiting on hold and having to call 3 times. The supervisor was not available right away so I waited longer on hold, the representative did come back to apologize and let me know she was still trying to find one. When the supervisor was available the person was not trying to directly talk to me kept communicating through the representative as in what did I want him to do file the complaint or if he wanted them to listen to the phone conversation from the prior representative, which I thought was unprofessional if the supervisor was there. I am to the point that I will disconnect my services with them. And if a supervisor doesn't want to deal with customer issues he shouldn't be a supervisor.

Jun 06, 2018

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