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I booked four tickets for a family vacation through When unforeseen circumstances arose and we became unable to travel, I called their Customer Assistance line to inquire about possibly crediting my account. I called three times in total, and each time, the representative from became increasingly offensive.

Since their cancellation/crediting system is incredibly unclear on their website, I had many questions about the process. The customer assistance representatives seemed to resent my questions and frequently spoke to me as though I had never flown, or indeed done simple math, before. They became insulting very quickly and seemed defensive. One even insisted that I should not cancel my flights and simply not show up, claiming that "the plane will fly anyway." When I asked to speak to his manager, he claimed that that was unnecessary, and that all of the supervisors were busy. Finally, I was able to get transferred to a manager, who informed me simply that there was nothing I could do, essentially, and that my money was wasted.

I'm frankly shocked at the basic level of hostility I encountered with even the simplest questions, and in the end, received very few answers. The behavior of three different representatives bordered on childish. offers lower prices, but their services come at a high cost. Don't use them.


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