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1 TX, United States Review updated:

Our power went out on Thursday and we submitted a report, no human interaction, no nothing, just an automated system that claims "the report has been issued" 30 hours later none of the neighbors have seen an Oncor work truck, none of the neighbors have back there power, there is nothing going on. Several of the neighbors who have infant children have had to vacate their homes due to the dropping temerapture. Does Oncor care that their customers are unable to stay in their residences? No, of course not, they are still getting money out of them for this month. Does Oncor care that WE (THEIR CUSTOMERS) are having to leave our houses and try and find hotels (I went to several before I found a vacancy), Does Oncore care WE are having to spend extra money not in our budgets to stay warm because their so call "electricians" never showed? No, they don't because, they are still going to be paid. The problem at my house is simple, the transformer blew a fuse, happens once about every 2-3 months and stays out for 2-5 days. It would take Oncor a matter of an hour to fix this problem and make 50-150 customers happy. Do they come out and fix it? Eventually when A NEIGHBOR tracks down a truck and talks them into calling in and requesting a work order. Does Oncor answer their phone and face the public that they so willingly leave in the dark? Of course not, any number you call either re-routes the call to the automated system or tells you that Oncor will only accept automated outage reports. This sounds to me like a company that is hiding because they know they screwed up, and now they are afraid to face the music. City Hall is now watching Oncor and tracking power outage times, restorations, out all of that. I think it's time we go to city hall and the PUC and take care of the Oncor problem.

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  • Pa
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    How come is it okay for employees such as engineers for Oncor to go on vacation without having another person in office to help customers as well as electricians? Do they even have someone to help us? We electricians work hard to keep our businesses in check and to get jobs done to bill customers so we can pay employees. Then we come to a job with Oncor as the service provider, and they are nowhere to be found to help us to get our jobs finished. I have been waiting for three days to get an engineer to so much as speak with me concerning a service upgrade on a motel. The engineers will not return my calls and their voice mails say they are gone on vacation. Why is it that us electricians have to be the ones to take the fall for oncors inherant misques? I do not have time to wait for jobs that are hard enough to find in this economy to get finished. But due to Oncor, I have to wait just to get an engineer to look at a simple service upgrade to say whether or not it is okay to proceed.

  • Gw
      14th of Oct, 2011
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  • Ga
      28th of Sep, 2018
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    ONCOR is a corp. having monopoly control over the PUC and local municipalities through any which means to get there...take your pick. I don't know what percentage of Texas residents are under their control but it is high. Smart meters are required (a dubious piece of equipment itself). The smart meter can monitor your appliances, can increase or decrease the amperage at will, is tied to other resident smart meters (a pod) i.e. a possibility to increase your (false) amperage used if other members of the pod vacate with an outstanding bill (everything to gain and nothing to lose ) for them. In addition some municipalities now limit the total watts of roof solar installed to offset the KWH provided by the suppliers (another form of control). And then there is the question of radio frequencies emitted by these smart meters which according to numerous reports are detrimental to your health...So my overall feeling is that ONCOR can shove it where the sun doesn't shine even though I am at the mercy of their bidding.

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