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DTE Energy reviews & complaints

DTE Energy complaints 101


DTE Energy - Frequent power outages

It has now been 18 hours with no lights, no heat, no restoration updates and now no food. No one on my block can afford to open their refrigerators. I am recovering from surgery. If anything happens to me, my daughter would have trouble getting me to the hospital as long as the street lights are out. DTE previously stated to news outlets that they were prepared for this? I disagree...

Desired outcome: Restoration of power and billing credit

DTE Energy - New 50 foot pole with transformer and cutting down 100 old trees to please a neighbor who built a house

I live at 1104 Burns street Howell Michigan 48843
Some one built a house across the road from us and is complaining about their power.
DTE is putting a 50 foot pole in front of my house and butchering 100 year old trees to please my neighbor.
I already have poles on every corner of my property with a lot of power lines and i don't want my trees ruined to please the neighbor.
Why not put the pole in theri yard and bring a line it from another direction.

Desired outcome: Have neighbors pay to have line brought in from another directions and not cut my trees

DTE Energy - DTE electric bill is way to high for my home

Ive made complaints to the company in the past about my bill being way to high and got no where. Im living alone and my bills higher then my daughters who has a family of five and uses way more electricity. I'm not sure whats going on here and what is causing this. could there be somebody using my service. this has been going on for years now and I dont know how else to have this resolved. my bill is 130.00 on the budget plan. nobody understands how a single persons bill is higher then theirs . DTE refuses to check the house foe possible energy draining that isnt my own

Desired outcome: this needs investigation


DTE Energy - Tree trimmers stealing of paychecks

Wright tree service trimmed two trees on 080521 on butternut st Whitmore lake. Arrived before 9am cut first branch at 1115am. Left for lunch at 1145am. Returned 1245pm. Next branch cut at 145pm until 245pm. Sat in trucks until 345pm then departed. Two trucks with 4 crew members received full days pay for 1.5 hours work? No wonder my DTE bill is so expensive!

Jul 25, 2021

DTE Energy - Electric

When the power goes out why does dte fix the upscale areas first and leave the lower income
For last every time .
I'm going to have to write to the state and local new networks about this and ask if there can be some type of investigation in to this issue is it a money thing or a racist issue.
I have seen the rich areas in my area get served first every time.
@@@@@shame on dte

Desired outcome: Fair and balanced

DTE Energy - DTE Home protection plan repair person never showed up or called for scheduled appt.

Service representative did not not show for scheduled appt. on Thursday, July 22. Appt. was made, Sunday July 18, when we were advised that a repair representative would be here between 8 am and 4 pm, and call when en-route. In calls to DTE HPP customer service, the appointment was con-
firmed, but no one knew why the repair person did not show up or call. I asked to speak with dispatch, a supervisor, or the repair person, to understand the "no show, " and reschedule. I was not allowed to speak with any of the aforementioned. I requested that the service representative note my call as "advance notification, " of "special circumstances, " for reimbursement, (if I can schedule an authorized plumber). I was advised that DTE HPP is not authorizing reimbursements. So, DTE HPP not only has failed to show up for scheduled repair, but is now, unwilling to reimburse the same amount, if I can find a plumber that will show up.

Desired outcome: Repair Hot Water Heater ASAP on Friday, July 23, or reimburse.

Update by KAWilson
Jul 22, 2021

#1 problem is that DTE HPP (Platinum) has failed to provide service, i.e. repair of Hot Water Heater.

Problem #2 is that DTE HPP has refused reimbursement, at the same rates, they would normally pay.

Problem #3, is there appears to be an internal systemic problem with accountability and organizational efficacy. Call center representatives do not appear to have communication back from dispatch or repair representatives, to be able verify why service was not rendered. There is no way for a customer to call repair representatives to verify appointments, and perhaps expedite the ordering of parts or service. A supervisor who is unwilling to speak with a customer regarding a legitimate "fail to show, " problem is
a problem. The priority is not problem solving.

Jun 23, 2021

DTE Energy - Home Protection Plan - Platinum plus Water Heater replacement

I initiated a claim on 6/16/21 for a water heater replacement. My heater is leaking all over my basement, we have been having to soak up the water. I was told they cannot come until 6/22/21 and that it will be escalated. 6/17/21 contacted again for a response. - asked for manager. No response or returned call. 6/19/21 service tech randomly calls to show up to my home within minutes for the service. Tech wrote up the issue. 6/20/21 husband call and was given 6/22/21 time 8-12p. He also asked if we could pay the difference in a larger heater, and was told a supervisor would call and no return call was received. I call off for work for 6/22/21. On 6/22/21 at 12:01 pm after the appt window, I called DTE HPP and was told that my appt was canceled because they may not have had 2 people to install the tank. I requested to speak to a supervisor or manager and was told they were in meetings and someone would call - again no call no response. My husband called later was told by another rep that the appt was canceled by myself or my husband - which is not true due to the fact that we need the replacement and did not call back. He requested a manager and for the recorded call to cancel to be pulled since we are on a "recorded line" We were told a manager would call back, still no call. Another appt was scheduled for 6/23/21 for 12-4p. My husband left work to be home for the appt. At 11:21 am, I received a voicemail from the installer saying he cannot come install my tank today due to a family emergency. I called the 800-number again, explained my frustration and requested a manager. The rep places me on hold for a few minutes and returns saying the supervisor will TRY to get someone to my home today. I asked why do the managers/supervisors not return calls or come to the phone and she could not answer. This is a very poor business model. I've been enrolled in the HPP plan for many years as a renter and now as a homeowner. I have paid thousands of dollars for many years and signed up for the water heater replacement earlier this year due to receive a letter advertising the service. This is the 1st time that I'm using this plana and I feel disrespected and I do not appreciate the service or should I say non-service that DTE is providing. Now, I understand that "Covid" has caused some issue or delays but yet in still you did not stop/postpone billing for the service but I'm supposed to except no service and no response? Is it because your the only "noted" energy provider in the area? Do you feel this is how customers should be treated? Your rep mentioned that I could hire someone to look at it and DTE would reimburse but when I asked it DTE will reimburse for the replacement - no reply just implied that the replacement would be scheduled. Why would I be paying $50 amount into this plan to have to turn around to hire someone and wait for DTE to reimburse me whenever its convenient? DTE waste no time collecting payment, or threatening shut offs, but I cannot receive the proper service? I'm already in Belleville, Michigan where we lose power for absolutely no reason. People since up for DTE HPP needs because the services stated are generally for urgent matter, so its unclear as to what your business model is here. I'd like to hear from someone with some authority. You have inconvenience me on 6/19 by randomly calling for a drop by - it was pointless for him to verify what was already stated - the water is leaking all in my basement, 6/22 canceling my appointment, 6/23 canceling my appointment. You've coached your representative well at how to detour your customer, it is just terrible that they have to take the brunt of the anger and frustration due to a lack of response from the leadership. How will DTE appease me?

Desired outcome: I would like a reponse from someone with authority. DTE should give me more that $50 credit.

Aug 24, 2021

5 outages so far this year. Thank god the Attorney General has filed a suit against DTE for customer reimbursements. The best way to get their attention is to write, call or email the Attorney General, Public Service Commission and Better Business Bureau with complaints. We’re all tired of their issues, even their own employees complain about them. Hopefully enough people will file complaints and or a Class Action Law Suit to show them we mean business.

May 13, 2021

DTE Energy - Gas and lights

I have been paying my bill every month on time for a year. So they decided to put some old bills from a previous tenant at the same address on my bill. I have called them, sent in information proving when I took possession of the house. I sent in court papers and pictures of my Identification card. After I sent in exactly what they asked they turned my service off without calling me and when my bill was up to date. I keep calling and calling but no one is helping me. The investigated Ms Harris is homophobic and doesnt want to help me. She belittles me when I call her. She calls me mam even though I keep telling her I'm a guy. She knows I'm a guy but because I'm transgender she refuses to help me. I want to make a complaint on her and DTE for allowing this to happen.

Desired outcome: Services turned back on

DTE Energy - DTE Tree Timming Dept

I submited a complaint a week ago Friday and DTE aknowledged it saying they would investiagte ASAP...Well I 've heard nothing...So I will state it again here. Back in September of 2020, DTE asked permission to come on the back of my property to trim some tree branches away from the power lines. They stated that they would be cleaning up everything cut down and remove it. As it turned out they buchered the back of my prorerty by completly cutting down 10-12 trees (largest being 25' high) including some 5-6' pines to the ground that were no where the lines. Most of these were probably 30' away and not in the lines at all. They also didn't clean anything up, it's all laying where they dropped them! I expect that DTE will come and complete the job. Not to mention, I think some of these trees should be replaced by DTE. Please response to this and reslove it.

Rod Carrig
1305 Pleasant Street
Lapeer 48446

Desired outcome: DTE completes the job they started and possibly replace some trees they cut down.

DTE Energy - Gas service disconnected

I arrived at my house after work to find that my gas line was cut intentionally when i was not home. dte worker said they made an appointment to do this. An appointment was not made and preparation was not done. My wife and child have been sitting in the cold and with no hot water for hours. My furnace has been cycling on and off for hours. Now they tell me i have to move everything out of the corner of my basement which will take hours. I am very angry and incredibly disappointed at dte for doing this to me. I am informing my local news along with my state representative to let them know what has transpired at my residence while i was not home. Mind you they cut my gas without knowing if someone was going to be home for this along with preparation to access the area needed. At least i wasnt on vacation or anything right now. That would have been a catastrophe on dte's part. My wife thought there was something wrong with the firnace and called a hvac repair man. I will not forgive or forget what these dte employees have done and there will be questions answered.

Desired outcome: Stay away from my house. You are not allowed on my property at all for any reason.


DTE Energy - Gas reconnect appointments no show no call

On 11-25-20 I had a scheduled gas reconnect appt from 8am-11pm. Dte never showed or called until the next day via text that service delayed and to call back to reschedule. I did for 12-2-20 waited all day again— took off work. Still no show. No call. Rescheduled for 12-3-20 for 8-12... it's 1125 and still no show no call. How disrespectful of my time! DTE's customer service is negative 100. I pray there were another energy company I could utilize. I'd cancel every account with Dte for good. Every time I call it's a long wait time with someone finally online stating you're oN the List for reconnect each time. In a house with no gas or heat—- that doesn't help me at all. Dte is a terrible service provider. It has no idea what customer service is nor what it takes to achieve it.

DTE Reminder: Your service appointment is scheduled at 11xxx MENDOTA ST on Wed 11/25, from 8am-11:59pm. Visit orderstatus.dteenergy.com/?detokenizeValue=RkqMcVa39CUxkWHp6GkFqoaCktcgHxHcedQMjnOJajw%3D for more info.

Nov 30, 2020

DTE Energy - Excessive price

Complaining about the price of the bill that is excessive for the amount of use that I use it for and it is continually going higher as I lower the products that I use in my house to be evaluated do not have any items that use heavy electricity only a refrigerator and the regular lighting of the house I can understand how the price goes up and i'm not using anything more than one person can use I am only one person and I don't believe this bill can be this high every month something is definitely wrong please come and check it out

Feb 12, 2020

DTE Energy - driver

This morning as I was driving to work one of you DTE drivers.in a newer white series Ford pickup did not know how to operate a dual. Turn lane from southbound Groesbeck onto. Eastbound 8 Mile and almost sideswiped me proceeded to flip me off. Then cut three other cars off causing one almost to smash into the curb. An older white gentleman the license plate number was PF 07624.


DTE Energy - home appliance repair

After paying for the home appliance program for 2 years I finally had to use it. The repair man came out to service my washer, which at this time was broke for 3 days. He said he had to order the...

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Oct 15, 2019
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

DTE Energy - I never signed up for dte home protection plan & i've been overcharged for several years

Someone from DTe called our residents for me to renew a home protection plan I never signed up for in the first place. I have been trying to get answers DTE person said I can only recoup 18 month...

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DTE Energy - cutting trees and work with meters

On Thursday, October 10 the people from a cutting tree Wright Company were cutting the branches our tres inside our property. We didn't get any notification in regards of these cutting. They claimed that some note was left at our door in March but we didn't receive anything and the computer file that they showed us said a date on March but not for our house number.
This is the second time that our property has violated with the work you are performing in our neighborhood. First, the bed of plants that we have outside was dug and the frame was taken out/apart and they claimed to come back and put our plants and soil back. It was months ago and we still waiting - my plants died in the pots waiting for the people to remove the sand they left to cover the huge hole they made and put soil to replant the plants.
Now, coming to cut our trees without notification is absolutely an abuse in your side. At least a knock at our door and let us know what their were doing was a polite way to let us know that this work was going to be performed.
I was mad at your contractors because I considered this disrespectful to go on private property and cut branches on your trees without notification.
We take care of our trees and their branches every fall and we don't need intruders to do that specially without permission.

I considerer your work an improvement to the old meter and a safe to keep the cable out of branches but it is definitely a way to handle this things. The word for this is communication and you need to hire a better planer because the one you have don't think about communication and notifications.

I would have called you as I did in regards of the meter. By the way - we never received an answer from your people on the job to be performed and the way they came and destroyed our flower bed was unacceptable.
As I am sending this complaint we are still waiting for the people at least to replace the sand left in our flower bed. We don't even think that you will place it back the way it was neither to replace the plants we bough and planted.

I hope this doesn't happen again because we will go further.

Regards, Mélida Dick-Ruiz
622 Hiscock st

DTE Energy - billing

We run on solar. And we make our own power. DTE switcher our meter and now they are telling us we owe the almost 3000$. Which is faults and I have to proof. What they are doing is Freud. One month...

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Aug 16, 2019

DTE Energy - phone calls

I have repeatedly requested to be removed from the calling list, I have spoken with a Customer Service Rep and requested it. I have also went on my account profile and removed my phone number. They call 5-6 times a day, and my account is in good standing. They also text often. They call sometimes before 8:00 AM which is illegal. I have spoken with more than one person and have requested that i no longer receive phone calls and I am still getting them.


DTE Energy - dte and tree cutting contractors

On 7-28-19 in Redford Michigan:
I came home to a burning down wire; in which my neighbor contact ed DTE who took an extremely long time getting to the scene. I was told that they were going to cut the power in order to put out the fire, have the tree cutting company cut down a few trees that hung over the wires, and DTE would return the next day to repair the main wire that was damaged by the fire. Well, 4 days has gone by and I still have wires in my yard, as well as the trees that the tree cutters stated they would remove. This time last year the same thing occurred, specifically the trees left in my yard for two months. I continued to contact DTE about this matter who continued to state that it was I who had to remove the cut tress from my backyard "I" had to pay for the tree removal. It is m y concern that the wires although not live, will be an issues if one of my children come in contact with them.

Jun 29, 2019

DTE Energy - wright’s tree service

On June 29, 2019 Wright's tree service was in my front yard with THREE large trucks & 4 very large chainsaws at 7:30 in the morning! The trucks numbered at least 10 up and down the block so they woke up the whole neighborhood! FYI June 29 is a Saturday! I hope the people I hire wake YOU up at the crack of dawn after YOU worked til midnight! By the way they were downtown Mooreville, which has roughly 25 homes clustered together with a noise ordinance. When I got up, got dressed & went out to complain, Cole, the self proclaimed supervisor informed me that they had a job to do and I would be happy when I had power. When I told him it was illegal to even make a telephone call at that hour, he informed me that HE had made over 30 calls already this morning and I was just making that up. These jerks are within 20 feet of my bedroom!
When I called DTE I was told they were following through on their contract with you.
SO. YOU...DTE told these clowns they could be out in my front yard making this racket at 7:30 on a Saturday morning waking the whole neighborhood? And break the law? Is there a reason you could not have contracted these rude unprofessional blockheads to work in an area away from residential areas at 7:30 on a Saturday morning? Where they would not disturb the sleep of the whole neighborhood?

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