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DTE Energy Customer Service Contacts

+1 800 477 4747 (Residential Assistance)
+1 800 947 5000 (Natural Gas Emergency / Leak)
+1 800 482 8720 (Landlord Assistance)
+1 855 383 4249 (Business Assistance)
+1 866 388 8558 (Shareholder Services)
+1 313 235 8030 (Investor Relations)
+1 800 556 0011 (Home Protection Plus)
P.O. Box 740786
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States - 45274-0786

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DTE EnergyGas reconnect appointments no show no call

On 11-25-20 I had a scheduled gas reconnect appt from 8am-11pm. Dte never showed or called until the next day via text that service delayed and to call back to reschedule. I did for 12-2-20 waited all day again— took off work. Still no show. No call. Rescheduled for 12-3-20 for 8-12... it's 1125 and still no show no call. How disrespectful of my time! DTE's customer service is negative 100. I pray there were another energy company I could utilize. I'd cancel every account with Dte for good. Every time I call it's a long wait time with someone finally online stating you're oN the List for reconnect each time. In a house with no gas or heat—- that doesn't help me at all. Dte is a terrible service provider. It has no idea what customer service is nor what it takes to achieve it.

DTE Reminder: Your service appointment is scheduled at 11xxx MENDOTA ST on Wed 11/25, from 8am-11:59pm. Visit orderstatus.dteenergy.com/?detokenizeValue=RkqMcVa39CUxkWHp6GkFqoaCktcgHxHcedQMjnOJajw%3D for more info.

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    DTE EnergyExcessive price

    Complaining about the price of the bill that is excessive for the amount of use that I use it for and it is continually going higher as I lower the products that I use in my house to be evaluated do not have any items that use heavy electricity only a refrigerator and the regular lighting of the house I can understand how the price goes up and i'm not using anything more than one person can use I am only one person and I don't believe this bill can be this high every month something is definitely wrong please come and check it out

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      DTE Energydriver

      This morning as I was driving to work one of you DTE drivers.in a newer white series Ford pickup did not know how to operate a dual. Turn lane from southbound Groesbeck onto. Eastbound 8 Mile and almost sideswiped me proceeded to flip me off. Then cut three other cars off causing one almost to smash into the curb. An older white gentleman the license plate number was PF 07624.


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        Jan 22, 2020

        DTE Energy — home appliance repair

        After paying for the home appliance program for 2 years I finally had to use it. The repair man came out to...

        Oct 15, 2019

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        DTE Energy — I never signed up for dte home protection plan & i've been overcharged for several years

        Someone from DTe called our residents for me to renew a home protection plan I never signed up for in the...

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        DTE Energycutting trees and work with meters

        On Thursday, October 10 the people from a cutting tree Wright Company were cutting the branches our tres inside our property. We didn't get any notification in regards of these cutting. They claimed that some note was left at our door in March but we didn't receive anything and the computer file that they showed us said a date on March but not for our house number.
        This is the second time that our property has violated with the work you are performing in our neighborhood. First, the bed of plants that we have outside was dug and the frame was taken out/apart and they claimed to come back and put our plants and soil back. It was months ago and we still waiting - my plants died in the pots waiting for the people to remove the sand they left to cover the huge hole they made and put soil to replant the plants.
        Now, coming to cut our trees without notification is absolutely an abuse in your side. At least a knock at our door and let us know what their were doing was a polite way to let us know that this work was going to be performed.
        I was mad at your contractors because I considered this disrespectful to go on private property and cut branches on your trees without notification.
        We take care of our trees and their branches every fall and we don't need intruders to do that specially without permission.

        I considerer your work an improvement to the old meter and a safe to keep the cable out of branches but it is definitely a way to handle this things. The word for this is communication and you need to hire a better planer because the one you have don't think about communication and notifications.

        I would have called you as I did in regards of the meter. By the way - we never received an answer from your people on the job to be performed and the way they came and destroyed our flower bed was unacceptable.
        As I am sending this complaint we are still waiting for the people at least to replace the sand left in our flower bed. We don't even think that you will place it back the way it was neither to replace the plants we bough and planted.

        I hope this doesn't happen again because we will go further.

        Regards, Mélida Dick-Ruiz
        622 Hiscock st

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          Aug 21, 2019

          DTE Energy — billing

          We run on solar. And we make our own power. DTE switcher our meter and now they are telling us we owe the...

          DTE Energyphone calls

          I have repeatedly requested to be removed from the calling list, I have spoken with a Customer Service Rep and requested it. I have also went on my account profile and removed my phone number. They call 5-6 times a day, and my account is in good standing. They also text often. They call sometimes before 8:00 AM which is illegal. I have spoken with more than one person and have requested that i no longer receive phone calls and I am still getting them.

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            DTE Energydte and tree cutting contractors

            On 7-28-19 in Redford Michigan:
            I came home to a burning down wire; in which my neighbor contact ed DTE who took an extremely long time getting to the scene. I was told that they were going to cut the power in order to put out the fire, have the tree cutting company cut down a few trees that hung over the wires, and DTE would return the next day to repair the main wire that was damaged by the fire. Well, 4 days has gone by and I still have wires in my yard, as well as the trees that the tree cutters stated they would remove. This time last year the same thing occurred, specifically the trees left in my yard for two months. I continued to contact DTE about this matter who continued to state that it was I who had to remove the cut tress from my backyard "I" had to pay for the tree removal. It is m y concern that the wires although not live, will be an issues if one of my children come in contact with them.

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              DTE Energywright’s tree service

              On June 29, 2019 Wright's tree service was in my front yard with THREE large trucks & 4 very large chainsaws at 7:30 in the morning!!! The trucks numbered at least 10 up and down the block so they woke up the whole neighborhood! FYI June 29 is a Saturday!!! I hope the people I hire wake YOU up at the crack of dawn after YOU worked til midnight!!! By the way they were downtown Mooreville, which has roughly 25 homes clustered together with a noise ordinance. When I got up, got dressed & went out to complain, Cole, the self proclaimed supervisor informed me that they had a job to do and I would be happy when I had power. When I told him it was illegal to even make a telephone call at that hour, he informed me that HE had made over 30 calls already this morning and I was just making that up. These jerks are within 20 feet of my bedroom!!!
              When I called DTE I was told they were following through on their contract with you.
              SO. YOU...DTE told these clowns they could be out in my front yard making this racket at 7:30 on a Saturday morning waking the whole neighborhood? And break the law? Is there a reason you could not have contracted these rude unprofessional blockheads to work in an area away from residential areas at 7:30 on a Saturday morning? Where they would not disturb the sleep of the whole neighborhood?

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                DTE Energydouble billing, then my payment misapplied, overdraft fee incurred

                On 03 June 2019 I mailed you a check, 14821, in the amount of $ 200.65 to cover your charges on three DTE accounts from the Lincoln Park, MI US Post Office:


                Those account numbers were clearly written on the check in its memo line. I received no billing for account [protected] by mail, but received a "DTE Energy Alert - Payment Due Reminder!" email from you telling me the amount due was $ 110.54 on 25 May 2019. I included the payment stubs from accounts [protected] and [protected], and stapled a 3" x 3" blue sticky note to both with the information on the [protected] payment. Had no payment stub for the [protected] payment since I never received a bill.

                You texted me several times on my phone and robocalled me several times after the payment was sent. Could not get anyone to reply when I answered your robocalls. Assumed you cashed my check and the calls were in error. You presented my check, 14821, to my bank on 19 June and it was honored. Don't understand why it was presented so late, but it may have been due to my stapling the sticky note to it, which was a deliberate attempt to get your payment processor's attention. Sixteen days seems wildly excessive.

                Was out of town from 13 June to 21 June. Received a shut off notice during that time in my mail which indicated that account [protected] was going to be shut off on 24 June. Called your toll free line on 22 June around 08:30 AM and finally got a real human being. Explained the situation but was told that the shut off would take place unless I paid $ 110.54 by credit card. I did so under protest. The woman (Cassandra?) who took my payment transferred me to a supervisor so I could protest, but the line went dead.

                Visited my bank this morning and had them print out the attached copy of cancelled check 14821. You people had already received and cashed my payment on 19 June, three days before you stood me up for a duplicate payment. I made that second payment on a debit card which draws on the checking account from which 14821 was drafted. The duplicate payment to you resulted in a $ 30 overdraft fee from my bank. I keep my balance lean due to several past identity thefts which have cost me dearly. I assumed you had not cashed check 14821 and the $ 110.54 would be in the account. Big mistake.

                Please determine what happened to the $ 110.54 originally sent you in check 14821. Then explain how you are going to reimburse me for the overdraft fee I just incurred. There is no excuse for this screw up on your part.

                You have my contact information.

                double billing, then my payment misapplied, overdraft fee incurred

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                  • Sm
                    S M Sep 10, 2019
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Happens to me about 2x a years then they want to verify EVEN ASPECT of my life to talk to the RUDE RUDE RUDE people who try to help. Cincinnati SUCKS double sip my [payments and when you try to find out the are RUDE
                    Solution STALE DATE YOUR CHECKS by writing this above your name" VOID AFTER 15 DAYS" if they cash your check late jsut call your bank and they will pull the payment back to your account and EFF DTE

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                  DTE Energyhome warranty program

                  DTE HOME WARRANTY. Has been illegally been charging me 30.95 a month for 5 yrs. I never signed up for this program. They dont have anything signed by me.in the last 5 yrs I have bought a new stove.. refrigerator.. microwave.. dishwasher.. I never used this homs warranty because I never knew I had it! I realized what was going on when I was still being charged even though I was living in florida since oct. I called immediately and found out they have charged me over 1800. Without my concent or knowledge! Ive been calling for the last 6 months. I know have a letter from Michael Romeo.. senior customer service analyst saying they would refund 2 yrs in the amount of 735.51. I agreed to that and as to date have not received the check. Here is there reference # 4916755. Everytime I call regarding this matter all I get is the run around! Please help me recover the monies that they stole from me. Sincerly jackie diehl [protected]... [protected]@aol.com

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                    DTE Energywashing machine repair

                    I purchased home protection plan (SENIOR Program) - Limited resources-
                    I had the plan for approx 1 year $31.95 monthly. I called to have my washer repaired, was told washer cannot be repaired. Icalled DTE and was told that they cannot repair nor do they replace because I do not have the greenback plan for an additional $18.00.
                    Why was I paying $31.95 monthly. I cancelled the service and I would like to have my monies refunded. Please contact me at [protected] with an explanation of when I will be receiving my refund. Thank you Mrs. Gwen Webster

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                      May 18, 2019

                      DTE Energy — lights

                      I am asking for an investigation into the power coming into my home from dte being controlled by rasist...

                      DTE Energyutility pole

                      The utility pole in the alley right behind 4129 oliver st Detroit MI 48211, is cracked open and is ready to crack open in half as soon as the next spring storm hits the area. The pole is dangerously old as well and must be changed before any other houses in around it catches fire, or Even far worse, fatal injuries due to DTE negligence, I have warned before anyone is harmed. T

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                        Apr 23, 2019

                        DTE Energy — late night disturbance in front of my house

                        Tonite 4/23/19 dte energy, including 3 loud trucks with flashing yellow lights were right across from myhouse...

                        Feb 11, 2019

                        DTE Energy — furnace; home protection plus plan

                        A representative from DTE's HPP came to look at our thermostat. He stated that he needed to replace a part...

                        DTE Energy — gas

                        I requested service from DTE for gas and lights for my property, beginningin September 2018. I was told that...

                        DTE Energydte energy bill.

                        We have lived in my house two years now and this month last year the usage was 31.6 and then this year 65.1. There is something extremely wrong. I also received another DTE bill for my address in my brother in law Joseph mckinstry name. I never complain, but this is not ethical this is not right! Something needs to be done. How are you gonna charge two different Bill's to the same address? Please fix this issue I will ask once nicely.

                        dte energy bill.

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                          DTE Energyno service

                          Power out at 545 still out at 12:13

                          Customer service went home and stuck with stupid tapes

                          Do you think this is funny for a 65 year old senior with arthritis and high blood pressure?

                          Told to cover up when I called at 6 really???

                          My bill is almost 200 for one month for one person and a 1300 sq ft home

                          Tapes are horribly annoying

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