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The recaptcha box is popping up every single conversation and trying to solve some of the picture ones is impossible. Example: telling me to click all the traffic lights when there is only one large traffic light so I click every single box containing some of the traffic light and somehow this is unacceptable. This problem occurs every time I use omegle for a certain period of time and if it doesn't I will get hit with a random ban for one week for no apparent reason at all.
I am so sick of this and it has been happening for years with no change as if the owners of this website do not even care about this problem at all.

A resolution would be to remove this god awful captcha box and not ban people for no reason. If you want to ban people please hire a moderator to do it and not let it be automatic after a certain period of time.

This really is shocking and makes the website unuseable for a whole week.

Fix this now it is affecting everyone!!!

Dec 17, 2018
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  • Jm
      Dec 27, 2018

    Agreed!!! it's ridiculous--every conversation has a captcha and for one i counted--11 captcha images!! i hate it.

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