Omegle / giving out my phone number

I'd like to make a complain about someone I do not know giving out my number on Omegle. I do not use the website and do not have an account there at all.

This is now the third time I have received random text from strangers claiming that they have gotten my number from Omegle and saying I am either Lina or Emily or Amira (maybe there are a few more that I may now know about). The first time was about a month ago, and I thought "okay, maybe it's just one time", and then a few weeks I get text messages and calls from a few other strangers claiming the same and saying that I promised nudes via Omegle, again, I have never logon to Omegle.

I am tired of getting these calls and messages from the random strangers for the above claimed, I do have my number published online strictly because of Interior Design Consultation purposes.

Please do something about it, I suggest having a filter that filters out my number on your chat defaults. Unless you would suggest I go to the authorities i.e. the police. Thanks.

Mar 23, 2017

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