Olive Garden / utensils on floor bring reused

Secaucus, NJ, United States

My family and I were sitting in the waiting area at the Olive Garden Secaucus, NJ restaurant. I watched one of the seaters grab utensils for a group to be seated, grabbed one too many sets, drop the napkin on the ground, with the utensils touching the dirty floor, and put it back into the basket for other seaters to use!!! I asked to speak to the manager, Roberto, who apologized and had the basket removed. As we were being seated, Roberto and I were speaking and OUR SEATER dropped one of OUR set of napkins with utensils, picked it up and went to place it on our table!! Roberto rectified the issue immediately and said something to the seater but really??? What the heck people!!! That is disgusting!! We didn't even get a mint for all that we had witnessed and we stayed for the sake of feeding our starved children after waiting almost 45 minutes!

Apr 27, 2017

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