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My family of 3 visited Olive Garden on 11/19/2017 after 1pm. The waitress we had was good, however we can tell she was over booked with customers. In addition to us and a few other tables she had a party of 20. The issue we had is another employee was delivering a drink, and dropped the drink right next to our table, spilling it and breaking the glass. As he was cleaning up the mess and leaving, I asked my husband if he had anything on him, he checked his coat which was hanging on the chair and the sleeve was covered in the drink that the waiter spilled. Because glass was still all over the floor, another waiter stood by waiting for him to come back and clean up. We asked for a manager, who came by to see what we needed, at this time we explained that he spilled the drink on my husbands coat. We both understood it was an accident and things like this happen all the time, however, he never told us that he spilled the drink on his coat and none of the waitstaff mentioned it to us at all. It was clearly visible, we had to point it out to the restaurant. The manager said I'll have him clean it up and left. About 20 minutes later the manager comes back and hands us a $20 gift card.
At this point we have been waiting an hour for our food. The waitress brings out our sons dish and tells us they are making alfredo sauce ours will be a little bit longer. However the table next to us with a party of 5 received their food half having alfredo pasta 15 minutes after she told us that. Another 45 minutes go by and our food finally arrives. Our waitress was so consumed with the party of 20 that she did not have a chance to come back and check on us. Our food was cold and taste as if it has been sitting for a long time. However, there was no one that we could inform because no ever came back to check on us, not even the manager. At this point we have been in the restaurant for over 2 hours with a 3 year old and was just ready to leave. Never got a chance to voice our concern or disappointment. I don't blame the waitress, because she was overbooked, I do however think the manager should have been more attentive to the customers in the restaurant and maybe more apologetic or at least act as if he was.

Olive Garden

Nov 19, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 20, 2017

    I don't think the spill stain is very obvious since it blends in to the color of the coat. I believe that they truly didn't notice it. It was very kind of the manager to give you a gift card for the mistake. In regards to the wait and food, you could try calling the restaurant to speak with a manager. In the future, when you're physically in a restaurant, if you alert any employee, they can get a manager or your waiter for you if you ask.

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  • Ta
      Nov 22, 2017

    @pobarjenkins The picture of the coat was taken after it was wiped down with a wet rag and a few hours of drying and after we got home, as you can see in the picture it still is noticeable. The initial stain on the coat was very obvious in the restaurant, it was not something that blended in with the coat at all and the color of the liquid was pink, which the coat clearly is not. The picture was posted to note how much of the coat was impacted, it was not just a splatter but almost the whole sleeve was hit with the drink. I am not discounting that the manager gave us a gift card and was grateful for it, I am discounting how he handled the situation.

    This is not my first time in a restaurant, we notified a waiter to get us a manager for the spill on the coat, there was no one around in regards to us to complain about the wait or the food and as I mentioned in my post after sitting in a restaurant with a Toddler for this long of a time, a further wait was not something I was ready to do. We felt it was better to leave at that point.

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