Olive Garden Hospitality San Bernardino CA. / soup and salad

Redlands, CA, United States

The menu clearly stated bread sticks and salad on us with the entry. Just below this statement was listed soup and four other entries for $6.99!!! We ordered the soup and salad and the bill was $12.99 each for us. Went to see the manager and she was absolutely no help, but said the waitress should not have charged $12.99 each, but should have been $8.99, where did she come up with that price?????. We could not believe the manager came up with that price which was nowhere on the menu. Instead of trying to pursue the matter any more we just paid the bill and left very dissatisfied. You need to take a closer look at the menu to ensure that other patrons are not mislead by the unforeseen tactics of the menu.

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Oct 27, 2018

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