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Olive Garden / food and beverage

1 Leominster, MA, United States

I had an absolutely disgusting experience ait Olive garden this weekend.

After waiting an eternity to be seated, we received one of the worst services I ever had, in a restaurant.

The moment we sat down the waitress was impatient, rushing us to order. Even as we took our coats off, we scanned the children's menu and asked for an entree and side items. The waitress immediately scoffed at us, telling us that we could not have it.

My wife looked at me perplexed, unsure if she was reading the menu correctly. She asked again and the waitress argued that she had been there for over a year and no one had ever ordered that combination before so therefore we could not have it.

Frustrated and confused we chose an alternate option for the kids. We asked for more time for ourselves but requested to have the kids food made first. She brought out bread sticks and didn't offer any plates to eat them on. She brought drink but never came back to refills any if them. I asked again for plates and about fifteen minutes later she remembered them after I had asked a third time and resorted to using handkerchiefs that wrapped the silverware.

As I ordered a moscow mule drink for myself from the menu she interrupted. "What's that? We don't make those..." This happened right after the guy behind me asked for the same thing ( and even recommended it to me.)

When the kids were almost done eating, she came out with our first and only serving of "unlimited salad". After close to 45 minutes and after the kids had eaten their fill, the waitress informed is that our food was
ready but needed to be placed on plates and it was too crowded. Soon after, the manager came to apologize that the appetizer we ordered was no longer available.

Frustrated and starved at this point, I started looking for the hidden cameras convinced that I was being pranked. I asked her to bring the bill so that I could go home. She asked if everything was OK? As I explained my evening, her hands started shaking as she gasped in horror...she apologized profusely, covered the kids bill and sent us home with soup, salad, and... Bread Sticks.

I don't go out to eat often anymore due to my school and work schedule so this was supposed to be a special evening with the wife and kids. Time and money are precious to me and when someone wastes it, you can never get them back. So is trust and respect.
This wasn't at all a great and memorable experience but is one I won't quickly forget.

Feb 13, 2018

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