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Office Depot / consumers doesn't matter to them

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Small Business drafting firm. We order all of our office supplies from Viking. Viking has been bought out by Office Depot. I called to make my usuall order yesterday and I believe the call was sent overseas or else everyone of the operators could not speak good English. I was very frustrated when ordering because I couldn't understand the operator and when I asked that she speak slower so I could make and attempt to understand she became very angry. I hung up. I called them back in a attempt to talk to a supervisor. The operator would not let me talk to someone higher than her because she wanted to know what my complaint was. I told her and she said I couldn't talk to anyone. I hung up. I called back again. After going through this again I finally convinenced the operator to get a supervisor. I have know idea if I talked to a supervisor. This person was harder to understand than the operator's. I do not believe for one minute that this will go to corporate and the problem fixed like this so called supervisor said. I do know that I will not spend another cent with Office Depot. Come on!!! If Office Depot wants to sell America office supplies than I think it's time that they wake up and hire operators who can speak English, or attempt to be professional and knowledgable about the product they sell. I ordered from Viking for 10 years and have always had very good operators. They knew the products, were very professional and always seemed to care. Since Office Depot has taken over they have seemed to forget the consumers that buy from them. I guess it doesn't matter to them. Angry in Kansas and NO longer and Office Depot customer.

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  • Va
      6th of Feb, 2007
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    Do I have a good one for everybody.!!. First you need to know where I live, and my "shopping choices". I live in what would be considered a remote area of Arizona.

    That is, I live in the NE corner outside a little town called Holbrook. I am 40 miles east of Winslow, and 54 miles North of Showlow. These are the only two towns in my area that have "Super Wal-Mart" stores. I go to Winslow once a month for my office supplies. Wal-Mart usually carries everything I need. Well I needed ink cartridges for my portable printer. Low an behold Wal-Mart doesn't carry them. They sell the printer, but they don't sell the cartridges. (I have already told them what I thought of that idea). So, I went on the internet. I found a store in Phoenix that did sell them. This store was OFFICE DEPOT. Phoenix is 193 miles from my house, with gas prices what they are I didn't want make a 386 mile round trip just to buy two ink cartridges. So, I ordered them on line. I placed my order January 31,2007. I received a printable receipt for the order. The product was scheduled for delivery the next day (Feb. 1, 2007) between 08:30AM-5:00 PM. This was fine. Everything was "kocher". Then, the "DELIVERY FROM HELL STARTED." The 1st came and went, the 2nd, came and went. I didn't think too much about it because we did have some pretty severe weather, and I figured it was delayed to to that. But, the morning of the 3rd I went on the internet to tract the order, I found out then that Office Depot had, as they put it, "Gave it to a third party for delivery". That third party was UPS. So, I went on UPS's website with the tracking number and this is what I came up with:
    02/01/2007 1:09am Billing Info Receive
    02/01/2007 1:37am Product Scan in Phoenix
    02/02/2007 5:33am Departure Scan in
    Albuquerque, NM!
    02/02/2007 3:28pm Arrival Scan in Phoenix?
    02/03/2007 3:46am Departure Scan Phoenix

    I called UPS and asked them 2 questions that, to this day, they have not and, most likely will
    not, answer.

    1: Why did this product go from Phoenix, Az. to Albuqueque, NM and back to Phoenix?!!? 2: It was scanned in Phoenix at 3:46AM on the 3rd. It is 193 miles from Phoenix to Holbrook (236 if you go by way of Flagstaff). Even if you go the long way it is only a 5-6 hour drive. Granted UPS has stops along the way. But, guess what, this actually arrived in Holbrook at 9:00am on the 3rd. I know UPS delivers on weekends. Maybe not on Sundays, but they do deliver on Saturdays. Why then did this product sit in Holbrook all day on the 3rd when it was already 2 days late??? UPS refuses to answer either question other than the proverbial: "I DON'T KNOW".... I realize this is long but you need to know the entire story.
    I called Office Depot and expressed my displeasure. The first person I talked to was a "Roy" in the Philippines. He offered me a $11.18 credit off the original $55.90. He even gave me a confirmation #. Then this morning 02/05/2007 I got a call from a "Kate" in Argentina. This lady was "in customer service".

    She listened to my problem, agreed that it was Office Depot's responsibility and offered me a full refund. I told her that if she wanted I would return the product, and try to find it somewhere else. She said that would not be necessary. I could go ahead and keep the product, and she even gave me a confirmation # for the refund. Great!! Every one is satisfied. Office Depot has admitted their responsibility, they have done what is right, everybody is satisfied. At 11:40 Arizona time I finally receive my ink cartridges. I put them in my printer, ahhh, I can get back to work! MY BIG MISTAKE!!!! The phone rings; guess who?!

    It is Office Depot. Some guy (I never did understand him) saying he is a Customer Service Manager and he has CANCELLED my refund. Then, what does he do? He SLAPS ME IN THE FACE WITH AN OFFER OF A $10.00 DISCOUNT!! Then when I tell him that Kate said I didn't have to return the product he says "Then we can only offer you $10.00." He insists I return the product in order to get a full refund. I tell him; "What about the delayed delivery that cost me money (because I couldn't use my printer) that I am not asking for.?" He still insisted it was not Office Depot's responsibility. That is when I sort of blew it. I told him I was promised 1 day delivery by OFFICE DEPOT - NOT UPS. It was OFFICE DEPOT's responsibility to live up to their agreement. UPS would never have entered the picture if OFFICE DEPOT never asked them to.
    The real problem here is: There is no one local you can deal with with a problem of this sort. The only number they give you is 1-800-463-3768. When you call this number you get one of two locations: The Philippines, or Argentina. According to all that have answered the phone, there is no direct line for Customer Service in the United States. I just noticed a 1-888 number on the invoice. I just called it and got a hold of a Geina in Argentina. She, after very politely listening to me, (and I was very calm) cancelled the last cancellation and refunded the full $55.90. Yes I did get a confirmation number. We will see what happens. There will be future posts on this both concerning Office Depot and UPS.

  • Ke
      31st of Mar, 2007
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    I went to Office Depot in Federal Way Washington and started to look at the flat screens they had on sale. First of all I had asked about the 37 in flat screen when a overweight women said "We dont have any 37 in on sale" I said excuse me and she repeated her self again with a snotty attitude. I looked at my wife and said I guess Im not seeing that 37in flat screen in front of us and it says SALE. I asked for help and a person named Eric helped us pick one out and also sold us a leather chair for my office and a chair mat.

    He sent us up front in which we were shuffled around to person to person like a game of three card monte. I wanted the 18 mo same as cash which took for ever in which the lady said we would get a reply in 7-10 days. ( I have the highest credit score my realtor has ever seen) so I said forget it.. IN which she would not give me back my application. I can see all the late night phone calls wanting me to buy stuff cause now they have my phone #, e-mail, SS#, Date of birth etc etc.

    In all they were the most incompetent rude, people ( except for Eric who should be manager) I have ever dealt with.
    I am now enjoying my new flat screen I bought @ video only who I may say were great!! thanks Video only. -Kevin

  • Ti
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    Office Depot suck!!! I waited for a full day for my delivery and they made me wait forever.. but my delivery came.. The people who handles this are so unprofessional..

  • Da
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    We have dealt with Office Depot for many years. My husband has just been on the phone for over two hours trying to get some help on a Office Depot gift card that has been stolen with a balance still in it of about $460.00. He would like for the card to be cancelled and a new card with this balance sent to us. But, he has talked to 15 different people in many, many departments with absolutely no help. It started this afternoon after taking the receipt back to our local Office Depot in Washington, North Carolina, as was requested by that office manager. He then told David that he couldn't help him as he was only able to help with cards issued within the last 30 days. Of course this card was older. To make a long story short - Office Depot is not going to help him - they have shown that tonight. I will not go there ever again , even if I have to drive the 30 miles to get to a Staples in Greenville, North Carolina. No bunch of store employees can be so inapt as what we have run into tonight.

  • Ra
      1st of Jun, 2008
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    I have purchased on 30th May 2008 a $866.24 HP Tablet PC (Item # 405395) on a offer with $125 Mail in rebate. I have choosen an store pickup at peabody office depot (Store # 2433).

    After travelling 30 miles on 31st May 2008 to pickup the product at the store the store manager tells me theat the product is not available and an other store manager might have

    sold it to someoneelse by mistake and he refuses to take accountability of the same and provide me with an other product.

    After quite some discussion he suggests me with a produt transfer from an other store in which case i need to come all the 30 miles again an other day and also loose the $125 rebate on the product.

    I tried calling the 1800-GO-DEPOT. The customer care simply do not want to take ownersip nor atleast record my complaint or provide information where i can get this issue resolved.

    I tried calling the corporate office depot number 561 438 4800 several times but i get a message there is no agent available to take the call.

    Am very disappointed by the fact that i have to go through an online purchase and store pickup just to find out that neither the local Office Depot store nor the corporate Office

    Depot want to take accountability of my pre paid and confirmed order made at the Office Depot Website.

    The following is the economic and physical damage that resulted.

    1. I travelled 30 miles to and fro not receiving the product

    2. I spent hours together over the phone trying to complain and or get a resolution to the

    problem from the 1800-Go-Depot and corporate Office Depot.

    3. Ended up paying $866.44 for the product for no reason and still dindnt receive the product.

  • La
      16th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I purchased an Acer computer from office depot and didn't receive the rebate promised. Several calls and emails to them have been ignored. I will not buy anything from them again. They apparently think it is okay to promise anything to make a sale.

  • Je
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but look close at Office depot's artwork on their fileboxes. Not in perspective and not very good. What's up with that? And where do you go to let them know about it?

  • Lo
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I would like to a file a complaint to the office depot located:
    Office Depot
    5301 W. 20TH AVENUE
    Store# 7
    HIALEAH, FL 33012
    (305) 362-8155

    After many years of purchasing products in this chain of stores; I have never had such a horrible experience until now. The issue was with the Store Manager whose name is Alvaro.

    This was a young fellow who has the worst customer service ever. My mother and I had bought a Norton Antivirus 2009, and when we inserted the CD
    the software seemed to have a problem, Norton Prompted me that we no longer could renew the Norton Antivirus by itself and that were obligated to purchase the internet security.

    The purchase was made cash, I went with my receipt and the only thing we requested was to exchange the software for the Norton Internet Security, I was Willing to pay more money, in order to receive something that would fulfill my needs. Instead of at least hearing out the customer, The Store manager Alvaro spent a couple of minutes trying to get rid of me without even listening and letting me explain why I wanted to return the product and this really upset me, I as the customer have the right to at least explain the situation why I was there to return and request an exchange, I was not requesting my money in return, this was something that would benefit both parties, I would pay them more money for a software, and I would receive the software that Norton requested me to purchase. However, this was not the case. The store manager Alvaro was very rude, treated me as an ignorant human being, did not have any type of respect for my mother, who is a 60 year old woman with a heart condition, and for myself an engineering graduate who runs his own company which I asked politely to resolve my matter until he started to insult us and demanded we left
    the store immediately because we were taking his precious time from work. We stated we could not leave until he resolved our issue, how can someone in this type of position be so evil, and not treat people with respect. All we were asking for was for respect, courtesy, and to satisfy the customer’s needs. The store managers Alvaro got aggressive and threaten that if we did not leave the store He would call the police on us. Can you imagine a Store manager with the name of Alvaro from Office Depot who probably did not surpass 24 years of Age treat my Mother the way he did, we were humiliated in front of all the customers, for this young punk who said "get out of my store or I'll call the cops", this type of behavior should not be tolerated from anyone in this position, in any place of business. I will let my voice be heard until Justice has prevailed.

  • An
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I know first hand that this comany is in deep trouble. I was a dept. manager in Las Vegas, NV.
    This compamy is in financial turmoil.
    They are running around in circles led by an ugly zitface madwomen named Monica Cunningham.
    She is a terrible leader who I think should be fired immediately.
    I will cheer when this company goes under.
    See you Monica on the unemployment line!
    Don;t worry what comes around goes around!

  • Me
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    YUP!! It sucks! I still work there unfortunately!

  • Me
      2nd of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Actually it really ###ing Sucks... and they are alll ###ing gay!! literally!! They lie, they cheat, all that dumb ###. Its a terrible place to work for I cant wait to get the hell out, its a nice paycheck though, thats about the only thing! You have to be sooooo fake in order to get by in that building. I feel like i have a split personality! The store managers are all dumb, i dont even know how they got to be store managers!! Every last one of them, including mine! They all suck up to the ###ed dm monica, and i swear they are all screwing eachother! Maybe its just an office depot thing because every store ive been to is just as disfuctional as the last! 913 927 2141 2152 2198 2285 2550 2715 2746 2783 !!

  • Sa
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    When Alvaro told you to get out or he'd call the cops, your response should have been, "Fine. You call the cops and I'll call the news stations, and we'll see who gets here first." Also, I hope you filed your complaint with Office Depot corporate.

  • Sh
      17th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Store # 2128 here in Lumberton NC has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I went in with my son to purchase a lap top for him to use at college. We stood there looking at the one that we wanted for 15 minutes before looking for someone to help us. I stepped around the corner and the Manager was on one of the computers playing cards, yes it was the Manager. We then approached another employee and asked if we could get some help, he said, " yea" and walked away. I then approached another employee and asked the same thing, he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders then looked away. I got so irritated I said, " I bet if I go to Best Buy I can get someone to help me", they laughed at me. I did purchase the lap top but it will be the last thing I ever buy from Office Depot. I would not recommend this place to anyone. I plan on telling everyone that I can about my experience in hopes that they do not go to Office Depot to purchase anything. I know this place will go out of business by the customer service they practice.

  • Be
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I know the economy's bad right now, and that still doesn't excuse the service (???) I encountered recently during an evening shopping trip.

    The man who used to greet customers and offer them help is gone, I noticed. Not that he was *that* helpful...actually, he was kind of surly. But at least he didn't have the OD Madonna microphone in his ear, and ignore customers while intently stocking shelves.

    As I traveled across the middle part of the store, I had to navigate two lackadasical employees, chatting and taking a break while sitting in the office furniture display section. They had actually pulled up chairs to face each other, and barely moved or acknowledged me as I was forced to navigate another route, since they blocked my path.

    Nice, guys! Capital impression that made.

    Next, I ask an employee if they carry a certain folder. He basically blew me off, saying "he'd had a lot of customers in the past few minutes..." Guess I hit an unlucky time.

    As a teacher, I personally spend about 600.00 yearly, at the Office Depot on S. Dale Mabry Hwy. in Tampa. My school uses this company for much of our office/supply needs. I plan to discourage my school's continuing patronage of this company and will never shop there again myself.

    Abominable service and employee attitude.

    Beth Crawford

  • Me
      21st of Dec, 2009
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  • Me
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    office depot 2715 is the worst store ever! trusttt meee

  • Ss
      21st of May, 2010
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    Office Depot is NOT a good company. They have rescheduled my delivery four times! Do they think that I could just sit at home all day for a piece of furniture? Do they think that I don't have a job like them? Ridiculous. I STILL don't have my furniture delivered. They could have at least called me before canceling my delivery, rather than wait for me to call them to tell me it's been rescheduled.

  • Jo
      20th of Jun, 2011
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    12 days ago i went to office depot to buy a hp pavilion dv6 laptop that was on sale and i go to see them on display they don't have the sales person showed me another dv6 saying to me that the one i was going to buy is exactly the same the differnce was going to be i3 proceser and one was a i5 in the photo they have finger print scanner in the display that he showed me also have finger prints that one i payed for and take home dont have anything don't have finger prints i went today to change the manager 1590 n federal hwy fort lauderdale name /name removed/ say there not going to change because there not responsible for falser advertisement they say the corporate office have good lawyers and said good luck to me

  • Br
      21st of Aug, 2011
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    jonn12345 Everything was done including calling other stores to find you a more expensive laptop at the same price but you were not happy with that. If my name is not removed from this webpage, legal action will be taken for slander.

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