NYSEG / power shut off

Jordan, NY, United States
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I received an ebill on 5/1/17 stating I owed $910. I was with a friend and laughed saying, holy crap- there's a good indication that my job has kept me busy. The due date was 5/6/17. I paid the bill before the due date. Full, exact amount of the 5/1 statement. I saw that on 5/8 my check had cleared. On 5/10 I came home to a home without power. Apparently there is a mysterious different notice saying I owed another $100 or so and that is why they turned off the power. I never received this notice. I went to their website for amount due, using the online program to pay the bill. So as I type this I am laying in a room that is 45 degrees with ten blankets on me. Meanwhile I will worry all night that our basement doesn't flood because we use a DOUBLE sump pump. We are the lowest ground in the county. I spoke with nyseg at 2pm and not one single person could 1) explain why it happened or how I could possibly know about that other $100. 2) do anything more than put me on a list of work orders to reinstate within 24 hours. 3) apologize for their mistake. I am supposed to receive text alerts which I didn't get and I never received a call from nyseg stating their plans. This is wrong and me and my family are the only ones suffering through it. Life was busy so I was late, but I paid it before the date given to me. Even looking at my account tonight I see the $910. No idea where that other money came from. Even with that said, I paid that money immediately so power could be restored. Then I was told it could take up to 24 hours. This is unacceptable because I did all that I could to pay you in a timely manner. It is not my fault that there is an issue with your system, yet I'm the only one freezing my butt off- excuse me- we- husband, two kids, two dogs and a cat are freezing tonight. Ironic that tomorrow night I pick up a brand new boat while tonight I sleep with a flashlight. It is absolutely ridiculous. Your system stinks. I HATE that I have to give you business.


May 10, 2017

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