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Ryan homes are a bunch of liars!!! Don't believe a word they tell you! All they want is a sale!

My husband and I purchased a ryan home in 2014. We chose a corner lot to build our home on because of a small vacant space that they called "common area" behind our lot, as well as a beautiful wooded area behind the common space. We were told by the ryan sales rep that no other home could be built behind ours on the "common space" because there wasn't enough room, and that ryan developers couldn't tear down the trees because they were on protected wetland. So, we went ahead and built on that lot.

Within less that one year of living in our home, it was brought to our attention that a new home was going to be squeezed in behind us on the "common area" and the once beautiful view we had of the woods, would now be the entire side of a home! When I confronted the sales representative who sold us our home, she denied telling us that there would be no home built
Behind ours, and lied directly to my face, saying that she "never told us that." now I have a home behind mine that I could reach out and touch the side of! But wait... It gets worse...

During the process of ryan building the home behind ours, they informed us during the winter months, that we would have to move our shed within a few days because a small corner of it was crossing over the property line. They told us it was our responsibility to move it within a few days.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brunswick, OHThey offered no help to us in moving it forward a few feet when I asked them.
The next day, the project manager knocked on our door and stated that they had to do some excavating under our shed because a pipeline that was buried underground didn't fit correctly. Because of the pipeline work, they then informed us that since the shed needed to be moved immediately, they could move it for us as long as we cleaned it all out. The project manager told me that once the home was built behind us, and the work underground was fixed, they would move the shed back to its appropriate place for us. I agreed.
The next day, they lifted the shed up with their forklift, and in a matter of minutes, moved it forward, and slapped it on a hill, crooked, on some 2x4's. It remained there for several weeks.
Once the house was built and the land was graded, I confronted the project manager at the model home and asked him when they planned on moving our shed back. He told me that they already moved it for us once, and they were not going to be moving it back. It was our responsibility. When I told him that he said they would move it back for us, he denied it, and said that they moved it on our property and if we needed it moved back, we would have to do it ourselves. This entire process has been a nightmare, and I would
Never ever recommend a ryan home to anyone! This on top of the poor quality of work in the home, as well. All these people want is to sell a home, and they will lie to your face and tell you anything you want to hear to get it!

May 13, 2017

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