Nordstrom / the atmosphere of store in ottawa ontario rideau center


I have been going to Nordstrom more frequently in the past couple of months and when I walk in to the cosmetic department there is a very negative vibe.The most friendliest staff in that department are the few men that work there and s a few of the older women that are very plesant the young women have a bad attitude considering the Mac counter is the first place u see as it’s in the entrance I went in this past Sunday and a very nice and friendly man was helping us and needed to go the computer to put information in about a purfume I was inquiring about I think he was new and needed help asked a girl from the Mac counter for help and she was giving him attitude he smiled and was very professional but concidering your store is big on customer service to see that means the staff needs to comply with that in order for a store to stay strong and be successful the staff needs to change there snotty attitude it is a reflection on your company

Oct 18, 2017

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