Nordstrom Rack / Failure to inform

Chicago, IL, United States

I applied through for a temp inventory job at Nordstrom Rack, Rosemont, IL 1/17/17. Although they asked for a phone interview (and I gave them the time slot to call), I still had to call THEM. They sent the info without telling me of all the forms to fill out (AND personal IDs to scan and send online) until two days AFTER the job, when I asked how I would be paid.
On top of the fact that my information had to be in there in their hands tomorrow (1/20) at the latest. It's not worth the aggravation, and I consider myself ripped off. -ML

  • Updated by Michael Lord, Jan 21, 2017

    Update to my post: A rep from SNI called to apologize and to make things right - I completed the downloaded forms and went to their downtown office to complete the process. Direct deposit assured within a week. My thanks.

Jan 19, 2017

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