Nordstrom / "customer service"

on line, United States

I went to Nordstrom's rack to day in hopes of finding Sam Edelmans white sneakeakers with boof balls for laces. They unfortunately did not have them. But id did leave with 2 pairs of sandals that I was happy with. so I went on line to buy the sneakers. the website was not working. so I called customer service that was posted on the website. They could not help me. I did everything I was suppose to. I am still short a pair of sneakers that I really wanted, pissed at nordstroms lack of customer service. that was the worse service I have ever gotten and kind of makes me wonder why I even still want these shoes. I expect a call or at least a response of some kind. I may not spend millions at Nordstrom's but I do go there first when it comes to shopping of any kind. my contact information is below.

sarah Schumacher

Oct 18, 2017

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