NJ Transit / raritan valley line

United States

This is a general complaint for all nj transit lines. It is absolutely ridiculous how much money I spend for such horrible service. Constant delays, rude conductors, and an unsafe environment. Today is only one example of the many that I experience every time I use any of the nj a transit lines. I was not told that my train, leaving from raritan, would have to switch on to a bus to get to newark, nj. Then I would have to miss my connection into the city. And finally, my next connection is experiencing delays. Out of three transportation methods on a one way journey to new york city, I have had a horrible transit experience each time. As one of the thousands of people that actively rely on the nj transit, I want better services and. A decrease in price. No passenger should have to struggle this much to attend a job or see their family. Too much money and time is being wasted on a system that is not improving. Please, do better for the people that rely on this transit for their day to day.

Oct 21, 2018

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