NJ Transitracial profiling

Question: why was I – a Black male – subjected to a Dishonored Check List scan by NJ TRANSIT when paying by check; that a White female – also paying by check - was not? If the Dishonored Check List is company policy; shouldn’t all check customers participate? Evidently not, and it raises the question of how it’s determined who is checked and who isn’t? With the exception of race and gender there was no difference between the female customer and myself to justify singling me out, so I allege that NJ TRANSIT is basing their decision to look for customers on the Dishonored Check List solely on race…or gender – or both.

On its own this incident may appear small, but viewed within the context of similar incidents perpetrated by establishments throughout a lifetime; it appears much larger. This isn't about playing the race card; it's about what’s right. It's about prompting discussion on a topic most people find very convenient to dismiss. I have to assume this behavior is standard company practice – I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see it for myself.

I welcome a rebuttal to my allegation; as I am eager to hear a valid reason for such a blatant example of inequality, but please spare me the insult of explaining this incident away as a mere oversight. If NJ TRANSIT employees are this forgetful – only minutes passed between the two transactions – then I’d counter by strongly questioning their qualifications.

Jan 14, 2015

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