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Friday, April 21, 2017- 4:57pm train form Newark Penn to Long Branch

Due to the extremely hostile situation I experienced last Friday evening, I have no choice but to report it in hopes that it is addressed and does not happen again to me, or any other NJ Transit passenger. I am convinced that conductor (#9655) will attempt to verbally (possibly physically) try to assault me the next time I encounter him. If that should happen, NJ Transit will then be held liable. I was so concerned over the incident that I also contacted my attorney. In addition, I submitted a complaint in person with NJ Transit Customer Service in Newark Penn Station this morning.

I was standing- alone- in the vestibule (between cars) on Friday evening- the train was standing room only. Halfway through the trip- Conductor #9655 approached me - making hand gestures toward my bag on the floor. I took out my earphones and leaned into him - he said something inaudible, so I said, "Sorry I didn't hear you"- he then began to yell with such force and contempt that I needed to leave the area because he had to get the stairs down for the next stop (which was at least 10mins away as we just left Woodbridge station). I was so stunned at his forceful reaction, I simply and calmly said, "Ok, you don't have to yell like that, I am moving". He then began to yell even harder, in denial that he was yelling in the most unnecessary tone. He then followed me into the train car, continuing his rant (now making his initial "priority" null and void at this point). He was so belligerent, I remember saying to him- no one in this car really needs to hear you react this way. He was now making his way up the isle - opposite direction to where I was initially standing. A female passenger approached me and claimed she "had to get through"- I let her through and then continued to make my way up the car, conductor #9655 was now on his way back toward me- I had a large bag over my shoulder, and a briefcase in my other hand. I am also very tall so when I passed him- my bag grazed his side. He then began yelling, "she pushed me, she pushed me!" This was clearly a false accusation- I was simply trying to remove myself from the situation as fast as possible. I have been a commuter on NJT long enough to know- ANY physical altercations are met at the next station by police officers. There was absolutely no pushing on my behalf - there was also a train car watching the incident- however conductor #9655 was so incensed, he was trying anything to make me look bad. I was now at the other end of the train car (opposite from where this argument ensued), the same female passenger (mentioned above) is now approaching me. She began cursing at me, telling me I was wrong, he didn't do anything, etc. I told her to mind her own business that she was not there when incident happened - yet she kept on cussing and threatening me- this is where it could have gotten physical out of pure defense on my behalf. A second conductor was standing right next to us and did NOTHING to diffuse this woman and her ranting insults. I was in complete shock as to what was happening. Finally the woman exited train and I was able to find a seat. I sat quietly, mortified about the situation and how it now spun off into another argument with a complete stranger that was no where near us initially. Again, conductor #9655 came into the car- took off his hat- shoved it in my face and said- "here- you want my number, here it is!" I mentioned how unprofessional he was and he started in again yelling that it was me who was unprofessional- bantering down the isle once again. I got off the train in Matawan- where conductor #9655 was talking to - yet another passenger- saying and I quote "I'm just going to put in the police report that she pushed me, I'm just going to say that she pushed me". It was at that moment that I realized I may be dealing with someone who clearly has many unresolved issues. That may need a break from his job. Someone who is not emotionally stable. To say the least, this conclusion has made extremely uneasy to ride the train out of concern that conductor #9655 will start with verbal assaults and/or possibly physical - not to mention the woman that was defending me him as well.

Please consider this documentation of the incident on Friday evening of April 21st. I would like to be contacted and reassured that this incident has been addressed with conductor #9655. This was by far the most hostile environment I have experienced in my time of commuting. I literally felt defenseless in a situation solely and deliberately inflated by the conductor and the woman passenger. I am woman too- and could not believe the conductor would act in such a reckless manner.

I trust that this issue will be addressed with swift action.

Janet P-.

Apr 24, 2017
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      Sep 02, 2017

    My attorney paralegal found this recently .Lies, slander a version of lies of her disorderly spent ..

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      Sep 10, 2017

    This complaint is baseless.First she was on a door I needed to use when she had headphones on in a place a sign says she shouldn't be and of course I yelled .She refused to get out of my arguing that I didn't need to use the door.She continues with her rant trying to get attention with the 100 people in the coach..While I am going opposite end to.get another door she pushes me on front of many witness supplied names and numbers.In addition, the one that started the argument with her have no control over..
    The major issue I have is the fake lying accusing me of her feeling threatened .If she felt so threatened she didn't call911... Another lie.As far as my mental capacity I went to the railroad therapist with letter in hand without management telling me to go.
    This woman views public employees as inferior to her .She doesn't like being told what to do like move let me open a door I need to use..
    I have 7 names as witnesses.I could have taken more but I figured that this was going to go nowhere...This incident is classified as a pending incident report.I am the one that has a private attorney ready to.litigate for malice slander menacing, defamation of my character.. Anyone employed by NJT is disciplined if they are deemed a threat to the public.This whole fabrication is a lie by someone that simply doesn't like told anything..In summary the worst passenger interaction out of anyone in my career at New Jersey Transit..
    The attorney fees are exorbitant to monitor I will litigate corrective action to.protect my reputation..

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      Nov 27, 2017

    I previously complained to NJT about the speed which the bus travels on Plainfield Ave in South Plainfield. To no avail. Well I'm back. This road is a 25 mph street. Last Friday, at approx. 7am, driving North into Plainfield, the bus "bullied" a car, which had to pull to the side, due to excessive speed. When I called to report this, I was asked all kinds of questions. What was the bus number, what color was the bus, etc. When I told the individual that it was an orange bus, he claimed "we don't have orange buses". (it was orange due to the advertising on the entire bus). If NJT can't find a schedule that the drivers use and locate who is where at approx. the time of the complaint, what good are they? I have found that they also allow passengers to enter or exit the bus at undesignated areas all along the route. Today, again, the bus that traveled north at 7am, had to be racing at least 45 in a 25 zone, forcing the cars to exceed the speed limit or pull to the side. The drivers that travel this road are a liability. A big one. If they can't keep a schedule without breaking the law, and jeoprodising the safety of both the passengers, the residents, the joggers, the women pushing baby strollers, the wild life, school children walking, etc., they need to get back to the drawing board, and then vet the drivers who break the law. And by the way, I couldn't get the number of the bus today. It was traveling way too fast to read it!

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