NJ Transit / bypass passengers at night

United States

My name is amber . Today at 945pm i waited for the nj transit bus to come at 1015pm as its scheduled stop... well mind you it was thundering and lighting. And i was soak and wet. Not only the bus was 14 mins late. When i gave the driver to the 20 after to show up... i said for get it the bus aint gonna come its downpouring!!... i cross the gloucester pike in barrington and next thing u know the 455 is right at the red light... i got a white t shirt on and the driver stares forward like he's tunnel visioned !! ... never looks my way nor stops to see if im there. Drives right by me. Mind you he knew i was at the stop cuz he saw me when i was there at 945 when he was at gloucester pike going towards cherry hill. But for one ur drivers need to use there high beams for the stops to see better and to engage in a safe ride home ... mind u i never made it home cuz it was the last bus im drenched in water . Nj transit drivers of 455 cherry hill paulsboro needs better routine evaluation.

NJ Transit

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