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Nissan Of America - Nissan Murano 2009 / breaks failure

1 Buffalo Grove, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (847)414-9859

I have owned Nissan Murano of 2009 since October of 2009. I bought this brand new car, and did not have any significant problems during first nine months, except some difficulties starting the vehicle. Sometimes it did not get started from the first attempt, and I needed to keep pushing the start button over and over. On 07/28/10 it was my daily route from home to my job. Arriving to my Company parking lot, I intended to park my car to the last spot on the left side of the aisle. Making the left turn to the parking spot, I put my foot on the breaks pedal, but the vehicle never came to a stop accelerating instead. Its speed was approximately 15-20 mph. I continued to push the breaking pedal down the floor having the impression that my foot fell through. My first reaction was to turn steering left to avoid the contact with the building in front of me. I have made a left turn, on that my vehicle was continuing to move ahead, hit the Company car, parked on the first spot. After that it stopped only because of the contact with another vehicle, which became the obstacle on its way. I immediately contacted the District Police Department, my Insurance Company, and towing service, which towed my car to Arlington Heights Nissan Dealership (where I bought my car ) for further inspection and diagnostics. Along with these actions, I contacted Nissan of America, Corp., and filed the Claim with them. After numerous phone calls and letters (with no answers) Nissan of America sent their representative to Arlington Heights Nissan in 16 days after the accident happened! On that I was not allowed to meet Nissan of America representative, so I did not have a chance to speak with him. Service Director of Arlington Nissan told me that I will receive a call from Nissan of America with the results of car inspection within next 10 days. Almost in three weeks I received a phone call from Bill Hays, Nissan of America Technical Services Manager, who personally inspected my car at Arlington Heights Nissan, and who did not like to give me his phone number and ID. He did not answer my questions what he has found inspecting my car. He just tried to find out again how the accident happened. He either did not answer my questions about the defect in my car, he said that I will receive a call from someone soon. Later on I received a voice mail from Derek Tackett, Nissan of America Arbitration Specialist, who informed me that the inspection report has been directed to their Engineering Department. The time was going, but I did not receive anything. I uselessly tried to reach elusive Mr. Tackett (he had never picked up his phone), but he did not return either my phone calls or messages. Finally, I received the phone call from Nissan of America - one woman called me, her name is Trisha. She said that I will receive the letter from Nissan of America with the final result of their inspection. When I asked her to send me a copy of the Inspection Report, she said that this is their internal (!) document, which they can not show to me. Finally, I received the letter from Nissan of America, Corp., which stated that "...they found no evidence of a product problem", etc... This document has been signed by Derek Tackett! Driving this car after Nissan of America, Corp. inspection, I have noticed that the display on the front panel changed. It looks different. Before it did not show the time of service, oil change, and other different things. Now it does! The car starts up differently, from the first attempt! They have changed the computer! They also have changed calipers, because breaks work now! Thereafter, the vehicle had the manufacturer’s defects, but Nissan of America does not like to admit it. I requested from them the new car, or the compensation for the risk and fear, which I have experienced. My insurance Company paid for the car repair. Why? I had monetary expenses – car towing, rental, car repair, and other inconveniences related to this matter. Besides that, I had moral and physical suffering along with the fear and deep depression. Who will cover all of them?? It was not mine, or somebody’s fault. Abveously, it was the manufacturer’s problem! Who should be in charge? Nissan of America just sent me the write off to end the discussion!
I ask all organizations, which will I refer this letter, to take into attention this very serious matter or the accident happened to me!

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