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Complaints & Reviews

poor performanc - lack of quality

Been driving Nissan Maxima's since 1985. Sometimes owned two at same time. Our 2008 is the end of the line. Nothing major but despit regular dealer maintenance a continuing run of small bumps that add up to poor dealer service and poor Nissan performance. The battery went at 11, 000 miles (two years) with no replacement allowance adjustment. On-going complaint about poor ride and tires losing air are in the record and at 17, 000 miles (30 months) two front tires replaced at full cost. Leather seats stained by unknown agent - no kids ride in this car - and not able to clean them. Even our key fobs needed to have the batteries replaced. The check engine soon light constantly goes on because of an emission failure - part replaced twice so far. Complaints to the dealer are useless, "original equipment not made to last"; meaning I need to spend big bucks to keep my car going. Nissan does not think I have a quality issue and our dealer does not think hitting us up for full price replacement and loss of confidence in the product is any concern of theirs. I do not expect to be buying a Nissan or any other brand from this dealer.

bad practice

This company has very deceptive practices. This is my third and last Nissan I will be leasing. I gave this car away on Leasetrader where someone took over the lease. At the end of the lease period, the person that took over the lease extended the contract with his name on it only. Yet it still appeared on my credit report and I got phonecalls from Nissan that my payment was late. I told the rep my lease contract expired and it was only extended by the person that took over the lease. She said, "No, I have a copy of the contract here with both of your signatures on it." I asked for a copy of the contract and the rep refused and said I wasn't allowed to see it! I'm like ITS MY CONTRACT if you claim my signature is on it, why can't I see it? She still refused and I spoke to her manager. The manager said I can get a lawyer if I want. I hung up and was able to get a hold of the person that took over the lease and he faxed me the contract. On the contract was just his name and signature. Called back, got a rep from India, which is 99.9% of the case on Nissan customer service. First time, they had no idea what I was talking about or tried to pretend they didn't. Second time I called, they put me on hold and then hung up (B.S.). Third time they said something to the effect of, you are still a co-signer so when he signs for it, he's signing for you too. ILLEGAL practice imo.

false ads!

This is the letter that I have sent to the radio station, Praise 102.5 Atlanta, Clark Howard, BBB, Governor...

lying about warranty coverage

Very long story about a car warranty issue: Nissan of Manhattan lied about what was covered: http://answerguy.com/2010/11/24/nissan-manhattan-stole-money-bad-customer-service/


I will try to be as nice as possible, especially since I am furious.

My brother recently went to Bay Ridge Nissan dealer with a friend. He does not have much knowledge when it comes to purchasing a car period. His saleslady was Florence. She and the general Manager, I believe his name is Dimitry, played number games with my brother. They sold him a 2009 Nissan Sentra that was supposedly a Pre-owned certified car. The listed price was $13, 995 and when I checked on the internet a day after he told me he purchased a car from them. I quickly went on their website and checked out details of the car. On their website the car was not listed as Pre-owned certified and it says finance now at $9, 995.
Here is a list of their scam in this deal:
- Sold car at price of 10, 995 difference from internet price
- Told my brother the bank requires LoJack to be installed (who the heck installs a LOJack in a darn Nissan Sentra? This is not a BMW and NO, it is NOT requirement!! So do not let them talk you into getting LOJACK! You will have full coverage insurance that is all the bank should care about because if you car gets stolen and totally damaged the insurance will pay out the market value of the car.. So please do not fall for that)
- He was charged for preparation fees (prep WHAT?? a freakin used car? you don't charge prep fees)
- They talked my brother into getting extended warranty. People, extended warranty is a stupid scam to get more money out of you. You DO NOT need it. Never buy extended warranty or the extra insurance in case your car gets stolen or whatever it is. You don't need it.

I can't remember the other charges they tagged onto my brother's contract. Luckily, he put the 1300 down payment on his credit card. I told him to call up the credit card company right away and explain his situation stating that he got ripped off from the car dealer and would like to cancel deal and get his deposit back. The credit card company credited his account right away and put in the dispute.

When purchasing a car, if you are asked to put a down payment or deposit to hold a car, NEVER EVER put cash because if you feel you're getting ripped off and call them the next day to cancel, it is very HARD to get your cash back, but if you charge it you let your credit card company deal with them. It is easier. After the dealer gets your cash, that is the end of it. Kiss your money good bye because you will have to call cops to help you get your money back.

So not only did the final price come out close to 16k for a stupid Nissan Sentry which he could have gotten a used BMW or a nice used luxury car, the saleslady Florence and Dimitry got my brother to sign finance documents and bill of sale. They did not give him a copy of any of the documents he signed. So i asked Dimitry, "how do you expect him to register a damn car without information of the car if you don't give him the bill of sale?", He gives a deposit on the car, shouldn't he get a receipt for such a big purchase? Dimitry said, yeah Florence wrote the information on a piece of paper and gave it to him. Hmm.. Why would you write information on a plain piece of paper. It should be a bill of sale and everyone should get a copy of all documents they signed.

We told him my brother has no interest in taking possession of the car. Thankfully, my brother was stupid enough to sign papers but he didn't take possession of the car for some reason. I think it was because he needed to ask me questions about the insurance. So they keep calling and telling us that my brother has to come back and sign other documents if he doesn't want the car or else they will start charging him storage fees. Storage fees my a-- because the car was never registered, insured and he didn't get any legal documents from them and never made a payment on that car because he never went back for it.

So whatever you do, if you wish to buy a car at this dealer make sure you are smarter and one step ahead of them. Play number games with them if you want.

  • My
    mymako Mar 10, 2011

    I am going thru similar or almost similar problems with this dealer. I am going to sue but on top of that i am planning to turn to TV, radio, newpapers, mayor's office and every where i can register a complaint. I am looking for people who were scammed by this dealer and are willing to go public. These people should be out of business.

    Let me know if you are interested.

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lying about charges

After looking at all of my costs, I realized I could not reasonably afford the car that I had my eye on. I...

follow up to earlier complaint

As a follow up to my above referenced unhappiness with Nissan of McKinney, I have to say that since they became aware of my level of unsatisfaction, they have really gone above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied. I have been contacted numerous times by the service manager and the owner. To be honest with you, I would delete the post if I could figure out how. But, all in all, I feel they have met my expectations and appreciate them rising to the level of customer service that I think we, as consumers, deserve. So...I applaud you! Thank you, I guess you get to keep this customer after all.

fraudulent service

I took my 2005 Pathfinder to Nissan of McKinney to replace both catalytic converters and the vent control valve. It had the check engine light on and would not pass inspection until these were taken care of. After paying $2879.89 for this service, I drove home. The next day (Sunday) the check engine light comes back on. My husband looks under the vehicle and the catalytic converters are old and rusted. They have not been replaced, and definitely not by new parts (which I paid $1500 just in parts). I might also mention that they put an inspection sticker on my vehicle. So, how did it pass inspection? THIS IS FRAUD!!! AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS DEALERSHIP HAS NOT BEEN HONEST WITH US! In case you are wondering...I bought this vehicle from this dealership. You would think they would stand behind their customers...but no! just check the other unhappy customers who have posted online complaints! I have also filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and am considering calling my attorney. I don't appreciate being taken advantage of in this manner.

  • Kk
    kkbinplano Nov 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As a follow up to my above referenced unhappiness with Nissan of McKinney, I have to say that since they became aware of my level of unsatisfaction, they have really gone above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied. I have been contacted numerous times by the service manager and the owner. To be honest with you, I would delete the post if I could figure out how. But, all in all, I feel they have met my expectations and appreciate them rising to the level of customer service that I think we, as consumers, deserve. So...I applaud you! Thank you, I guess you get to keep this customer after all.

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I recently leased a 2011 Nissan from Grapevine Nissan. To make this short, I visited the showroom on...

recall fix has taken 3 days

I had my 2002 Nissan Frontier towed on 10/20/10 to Nissan of Reno to have a recall on the sending unit to the tank replaced. i called on 10/21/10 to get status of repair and told them that this is my work truck. For I am a construction worker and need my tools for work. the response I got from the tech was silence, like all that was running through his head is " thats my problem." So I asked him when my truck would be done and he said they ordered part on 10/20/10 and that it would be here on 10/22/10. I need to also say I am riding a motorcycle to work. Today is 10/22/10 and and I have called again on when my truck will be done. For my truck is in Reno and I live in Carson City. Its 30 miles awayand need to find someone to give me a ride. The tech could not give me a straight answerand said when he has time he will call me. So before I got really upset about there lack of answers to my questions. So I said fine and gave them my cell # again. Like they don't have it. I need to state that me and my wife both own Nissans and one was purchased at this dealership. My wife and I have taken our Exterra there for some repairs and have had it come back with other problems that where just fine. After a couple times of this happening we complained and said we will no longer do bussiness with them. Now here I am stuck with the same people to try and fix my truck. I have my own mechanic and he is pissed with the fact that they didn't overnight the part, pay for my towing which came out of my insurance when it should not have and that they didn't offer me a rental car to begin with.
I just got off the phone with Nissan of Reno and now my tank they say is so corroded that they have to order me a my won. How long is this going to take! I guess on somewhat of a plus after barrely working for 3 days they now want to see if the dealer will issue me a rental car. In the end this better not cost me a dime. After all this is said and done I would like say I will not buy another nissan again for how I have been treated through this dealership. I have been a nissan owner sense 1997 . My name is chris and I am done.

  • Ke
    kenrrrrrrr Oct 26, 2010

    their are two pumps in the tank. one for normal pressue and the other is a transfer pump from one side to the other sue to the shape for driveshaft clearence. this is a long process but the tech must have broke something and had to order it.

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false advertisement and damages

This car dealer continually called me while at was I worked and left me message id on my phone as 7024 which...

problem with cd player

We have been having problems with our CD player. We took it in to a Nissan dealer in Maryland and they told us that it would cost us $2, 000.00 to replair and we didn't have the Quest that long. I called Nissan and they gave me a customer number and a contact person. I e-mailed her (Mary Baumgardner) who is the customer representative of the eastern region; called a million times. She never returned my calls and the email reply from her was to get it touch with her about your problem by calling. In an expensive RV as this we are caring around a portable radio with external speakers.. shame shame on Nissan. We are also having a problem with our left window not going all the way up to close without going back down. In order to close the window we have to skip little at a time to close. Shame on Nissan
We will not purchase another Nissan even if we like the style and specs.
SHAME ON NISSAN.. another customer gone gone

  • Bh
    Bharat C. Shah Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From the day of purchase of my Nissan 2004 Quest, the Tire Pressure Monitor guage has not been working right. One of those
    monitors I had replaced and paid for to the Dealer's Service Department, with no success. The tires seem to leak the air and loose the air pressure, that gets registered on the dash board constantly, despite of maintaining the proper tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer!!!

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consumer affairs/regional specialist

I purchased a nissan titan 5years ago from the midway nissan dealership in phoenix. From the day I puchased...

breaks failure

I have owned Nissan Murano of 2009 since October of 2009. I bought this brand new car, and did not have any...

first payment on loan

I made my first loan payment online through my bank. Payment due 9/12/10. Clearer On 9/7/10.
Received credit for payment on 9/15/10. I checked with my bank to make sure I had had all my information correct (all was correct). My bank told my Nissan had sent back payment no such account number.
Resent payment 9/17/10.
Call Nissan 0n 9/15/10 Operator spoke very fast with a thick accent. Not sure if the person understood what what i was trying to tell them( I certinly couldn't understand them). Went to Nissan web page registered with account number I have and got into my account, I thought I might be able to contact them here. No Such Luck !
Today I got email Statement, saying now I owe two payments.
Is This going to be a long and difficult relationship? I'm guessing YES !

  • Br
    BrittBerry Nov 29, 2010

    I have had Nissan for almost 2 years and since day one it's been nothing but a hassle...making payments is a disaster, and if you finally get through to a human they re-direct you to the automated bill pay, which most of the time understands less than the actual representatives do. I have also had trouble speaking to representatives and getting my point across, but believe me, when you miss a payment they're quick to have an english-speaking representative contact you immediately and berate you for not paying promptly. NEVER AGAIN will I use Nissan, and if you can get out of that lease, I suggest you do it now...it only gets worse...Good Luck!!! -Disgruntled Altima Leasee

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don't do business with them

So, now I've bought my Navara from another dealership, not CMH Midrand. Then, my Navara that I bought now needs some 'extras'. So I phone around for prices (more to determine helpfullness of staff and compare prices on simple items). For some reason decided to phone CMH Midrand again (they're very close to where I stay). Marvin answered. I asked price on bonnet guard etc. That was Friday (259). He advised me system is slow, took my number and promised to phone back within two minutes. Still waiting and it's Tuesday. Guess what - had a rollbar fitted today at Global Nissan - another R5, 000 you missed out on. Even though CMH is my closest dealership, I travelled 30km to Global Nissan Gezina to have this fitted. I will be taking my future business to them or another Global Nissan dealer in the future, even though I have to travel farther. I will not spend my money at CMH, they clearly don't care about clients.

PS - My wife might be looking at a Qashqai in the next couple of months - guess what, CMH is NOT on our contact list.

service and repairs

This service repair shop is the worst! I thought that by taking it to a dealer repair shop I would at least have peace of mind but I was wrong. I brought my car in for an oil change and they called me saying I needed $1200 worth of work. I had just had a 15K mile scheduled maintenance 3K miles ago and somehow they didn't spot the problem they said I now have, and the warranty was up which meant I had to pay for it this time.

I brought up this argument and he said I must have driven it in heavy stop and go traffic, which is not true, I drive this car only on highway because I have a work car I use on the weekdays and I only use the Nissan for trips on the weekends.

My argument is I don't understand why they didn't see this problem at the 15K miles maintenance (cost $600) or when they "repaired" my brakes and resurfaced the rotors when it was under warranty. Now they spotted the problem only 3K miles after they supposedly did their job.

I am outraged and will write to as many people as possible in every possible comment page to let the public know to not go there. There was negligence from their part and now they want me to pay $1200 for it.

customer service

I tried to call this dealership several times, each time the phone just rang and rang with no answer. Finally, after several attempts, and about 25 rings, I got through. I also tried stopping by to ask for assistance, and not only was I ignored, not one person acknowledged me, ask if they could help me, or even looked at me. I found the customer service very suspect and would do anything possible to not patronize this dealer, EVER!

rust/corrosion warranty

Infiniti of Denver, and Infiniti, refuse to honor the rust/corrosion warranty as published in the Infinity...

poor quality and horrid customer support

Nissan does not stand behind their products. We purchased a NEW 2005 Nissan Xterra SE in May 2006 for my...