Nike Total 90 Astroturf Trainers / unbearable smell

57 victoria street, Newton Stewart, Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway, GB
Contact information:
Phone: 01671404269

i received a pair of total ninety astro turf trainers as a present which i was really chuffed about, but after wearing them for four games only i cant use them any more as the smell of what can only be described as strong cat pee has made them unbearable and unusable. I am very dissapointed as i have played football at an amateur level since i was ten years old i am now thirty three years old and have always used nike boots or trainers, and have always reccomended your products to all my friends and team mates. I would be very gratefull if you would look into why this has happened and what nike is going to do to rectify this obviouse problem they have with this particular product. Many thanks Hugh kelly

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