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Cader Rapids, Iowa
United States
I requested a cancellation of my membership, then the drama begins:

They wrote:
We have received your request of cancellation. I wasn’t able to call because there is no number to contact on your account page. Your account is closed, however there is an issue with the amount refunded. The amount was supposed to be refunded $83.88; However, the refund amount is completely wrong of $7, 188.00 so we are going to be charge you $7104.12 to make the accounts balance out. I apologize for any confusion may have caused.

I wrote:
Please advise the refund method. The amount you charge back is over my credit card limit, so i don't think you can charge it. Please clarify and get back to me at your early convenience. Thank you very much.

They wrote:
We have tried to charge your card several times to get this sorted out, however, it is not working. We were able to charge $1, 000 so we still need to charge $6, 104.12. We are now getting an error message that suggests your account has been closed? Can you please let me know as soon as possible what changes you have made to your card and if you have had any conversations with your bank? I would like to get this resolved and if there is anything we need to do, please let us know.

I wrote:
Thank you very much for your email. I know your company accidently refunded $7104.12 to me. I sent an email to Valerie to advise I have contacted my bank. My bank says your company need to contact your own bank to reverse the transaction and you cannot just charge my card back. There is nothing I can do at that stage. And also, I have checked my account. There is no transaction history of $7104.12. It is a credit card account, so I don't think you can put any money into this account. The only transaction I saw is your company charged $1000 on my credit card without my authorisation. In this case, I have reported my bank about this matter and they will investigate this transaction.

If I have received the amount your company sent to me, I am pleased to return all to you. However, I didn't received any money at all. Please kindly contact your bank to reserve the money to you and refund the $1000 to me as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

They wrote:
I have spoken to several different banking institutions but none of them are willing to assist me as the merchant, basically they keep telling me that you need to call your bank and get this reversed—has this shown up on your transaction history yet?
I apologize for the inconvenience.

I wrote:
Thank you very much for your email. My bank advised me that the transaction ($7xxx) has been shown on my credit card account. And they said they need to close my case as they are not able to reverse the money to your company because it's a credit card account. They said you have to contract your own bank to make the reverse. They will not help me to do this matter.

I sincerely want to return the money to you and you refund $1000 to me, then everything is work out. I am very sorry about that and can you please contact your bank again?

They wrote:
I am still working on this and have been told that the only way to resolve this is to charge your card the remaining $5104.12– have you received the funds to your credit card account? From what I can tell, you have been issued a new credit card number, can you please pass that on so we can resolve this?

I wrote:
I am sorry that I cannot give you the new credit card number. The amount you return to me is stucked in my old credit card account and I am not able to use it ( Of course I won't use it as it's not my money). I think you still need to deal with your bank to reverse the transaction. Thank you very much.

The company owner, Debora Gill wrote:
I am Debora Gill, the owner of NewspaperArchive.com

We are STILL...after 6 weeks trying to get the $7, 188 refunded.

I just spoke with the Australian Bank.
They asked to have the customer call back during "Business hours" .
They said that (Me) needs to call 61131314 and ask for the Credit Card Solutions Manager and then will get us to Dispute Resolutions...

I am very frustrated that NOTHING has been accomplished...it seems that since it isn't everyone else's $7, 188 it doesn't matter...it is A LOT of money that we depend on to pay our own company bills.

I think if we ALL put some focus in this...we can get it resolved...it seems crazy that something so simple has become so difficult.

Can you e-mail us a response AS SOON as you have contacted them and let us know what they have said?

The owner wrote again:
have been trying to get ahold of you in regards to this unresolved issue with the refund of $7, 188 too much.

I have spoken with your bank and ours.

Both have said that you need to contact your bank and explain the situation in order for us to resolve this matter in a timely fashion.

This is the second e-mail I have sent with no response from you.

Please understand that...since you have closed your credit card account and gotten a new one, it seems as though you might be considering spending these funds that are clearly not yours. This is a great deal of money and these are necessary funds for us to be able to pay our bills.

If we do not hear from you soon, please know that we will be forced to pursue this matter legally and take you to court. Should we have to take this route, please note that you will not only be responsable for returning these funds to us...but also pay the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars for Lawyers fees.

I expect to hear from you before January 30th.

I wrote:
Dear Debora,

First of all, your emails make me feel uncomfortable. It seems that is my fault and I 'stolen' the money from your company. Your staff made a mistake and I have tried to contact my bank several times to help your company. But you do not appericate what I did and sent an email to me in such bad manner.

After the refund of $7188 has been made, your staff charged $1000 back from my credit card without my authorisation. So I talked to my bank about this and they said they needed to close my credit card for security reason. It does not mean I intend to spend the money. Are you slandering me? Actually, I have no respondsibility to deal with this matter as it is not my fault at all. I have contacted with your staff, Heather, by email many times to slove it. After the investigation, my bank says we cannot do anything here as it's a credit card account and we cannot take the money out or reverse it. The only way is: you guys need to contact your bank to reverse the payment. I am trying my best to help your company but you threaten me by taking me to court. Which regulation I against?

I need to work 10 hours and look after my kids every day. I really do not have time to deal with it. And it was public holiday on Thursday and the bank was closed. I went to the branch yesterday. The staff says the bank will get back to me next week. Please understand it's weekend here now as well as the time difference. I am not able to get back to you by 30 January. Actually, I don't understand why you give me a deadline to do something for you. Please remember I am not your staff. I am your customer.

I do not know where I can complain about your manner as you are the boss of the company. I also think your staff is lack of training. You are better to review the management strategy rather than blame your customers. I will send an email to Heather after the bank has replied me. I hope it will be the ending of this case. Anyway, please remember the time difference. I am not able to do what you want by the deadline you set. Please also remember it is not my fault at all and It is not my respondsibility to help you. I have no time to deal with it. I have never considering to spend the money your company refund to me. Please don't slander me. Oppositely, I really want your company reverse the transaction as my credit card statement is in a complete mess.
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Same case here

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