New Milford, CT Danbury Road, Dollar Tree Management / manager problem

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I was threatened and told by the manager to stop a what she calls trend. Explanation:
I was short change and I offered to use my debt card for the remainder change, so the cashier said don't worry about it which they say a lot and they actually give me the change and cover the tax which I found very nice. But the manager informed me that that I was a problem in shorting change and creating in her words "a trend". I never thought it was a problem and was not aware of any complaints from any of the employees before because no one had approached me and said anything to me. I had been coming here for 11 years and love this store. I am a very nice costumer who wants nothing but the best for the store but when the lady manager at 10:33 am 6/7/2018 approached me and started making assumptions about me and me doing things that I never did also threatened me as a paying costumer that she will kick me out because she was not reasoning and acting professional this is not a good business practice. She also said I was harassing employees in which I was not doing. I am only trying to be as friendly and polite as possible. Her and some employees that admitted to not liking me before and those employees had been the ones to tell her untrue things that I never did. I advise on a profession point of me this unprofessional practice needs to end and they really need to act professional either that or retraining or replace this manager.

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New Milford, CT Danbury Road, Dollar Tree Management

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    The manager is an unprofessional and rude woman.

Jun 07, 2018
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  • Jo
      Jun 08, 2018

    I see on here that you most often get angry complaining customers, well I would like to give the store in Marshall, MN a compliment! Today 6/08/18 I was shopping at our Dollar Tree and went to check out. An elderly woman was 2 people in front of me and was short a small amount of change. She was distressed and said to please cancel the order to the clerk (Her name was Lorri). This lovely lady (Lorri) reached into her own pocket and paid the change so the elderly lady could still make her purchase. The elderly customer said she would bring in the change and pay Lorri back as soon as she could get back. Lorri told her to not worry about it and have a wonderful day! People like your employee Lorri renew my faith in humanity! I have no doubt that since Lorri is working in retail she is not independently wealthy, yet she didn't hesitate to help this woman out. I was so pleasantly surprised by this kind action on her part. I did tell her exactly that, however, I wanted the company to know that you have some really great cashiers working for you. One of which works in the Marshall, Minnesota Dollar Tree named Lorri on Friday 6/08/18 around 1:30 pm. She deserves a pat on the back! Thank-you Lorri! Sincerely, Joyce from Marshall (a very appreciative customer!)

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