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New Jersey Transit / 9/28 - route 192 - 3:10 to nyc

1 Clifton To Nyc, NJ, United States

Today, I was waiting for to 3:10 PM, route 192 bus from Clifton, NJ to NYC and it started pouring down rain. Of course I no umbrella and had to stand there, getting soaked for almost 20 minutes. I always get to my stop a bit early, just in case, but on top of this, my bus was 10 minutes late. When bus 8308 finally came, I jumped on, dripping, and told the driver that I would be right back with my ticket, as I had a suit case & bag and I had put my ticket in my pocket to keep it from getting wet. Not even 2 seconds later I handed the driver my ticket and he began to lecture me, as if I were a child, about how I should have had my ticket in my hand before I boarded the bus and how selfish I was because I was causing the bus to be late for everyone! I was stunned! Did he not see that I had been waiting for his 10 minute late bus in a rain storm!?! I was the first stop! Where was he for the last 10 minutes? He kept on ranting about this and I just had to ignore him and go back to a seat far from the front. Seriously, I don't need to be blamed by some A-Hole for his being late, which was obviously the case because he did the to several other people along the line. I did not need this today, I'm soaked to the bone and I sure as hell didn't do anything wrong. This guy is a bus driver employed by NJT, he does not own this bus, and he has no place taking out his buisness on his passengers!


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