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I've had Netspend Card for some time now and I was reading about some of your complaints, and I have several, for the latest, their I have to file a dispute over this merchant for this amount they charged me that I didn't authorized and before netspend would just lood into it and get it back for me, now since I can't get ahold of the company they went out of business or something I have to file a dipute and it takes forever to get my money (not to mention the hassel) and who knows if there's a cost. Also I've been having them pay my bills on line and they been getting them paid but every month I have to check to make sure they go out in time and that they have the correct amout, I thought that's what they were suppose to do for you without worry, I guess I was wrong. I called them and they didn't even reconigese one of my bills, and that was my rent. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone out there no of another good debit card company I don't have to pay all there bills and I can get all there services for free, or at least close to so I can do my banking without worry, I can't go to a regular bank or credit bank my credit sucks. Thanks you.

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      Oct 14, 2009

    Discover has a pre-paid debit card that works the same way but is backed by Discover -they have really good practices and you dont have to worry about any of this crap. I'd go there! They also dont have a credit check or anything like that. You can get it on their website.

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  • Tr
      Oct 19, 2009

    I have a NetSpend card and had to go through a dispute. Yes you do have to fax in a statement stating why you are disputing the charge(which is a requirement for most financial institutions) and yes it does take time, but I was able to win my claim and get my money back. They do not charge anything for disputes.
    I have also used the bill pay option a few times and from what I understand, the user has to input the amount and dates for it to be taken out.
    From all my research I have found that NetSpend has great features and reasonably priced for a prepaid debit card.

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