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[Resolved] Netspend / blocked account

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I have been a customer with netspend for 10 years with one account and 0ver 5 years with another account. I didn't really use the online access but when I decided to utilize it, I eas blocked out of it. I ess able to access the online part but when trying to access the virtual part it aks different security questions. I was able to access the account with just my security question which is "what's my favorite color " purple. For the virtual acct you have to verify the card number, the 3 digit security code and birthdate. Well after several attempts it locked me out of the virtual but again not out if the regular online access. So I waited to give them a call the next day. After speaking with 1 agent I was told I was blocked and could bo longer access the online account and eas no longer eligible for any of netspend services, I remind you that I have been a loyal customer for over a decade, never had any problems with my account, have several different deposits coming to this account totally up to 5-$6, 000.00 a month not including my taxes that's deposited every year. I was told due to fraudulent activity of my own account, it was blocked. The activity included card being associated with other accounts (i have more than one card because you can transfer money if you loose your card and also have other deposits) , not being able to identify account holders info (netspend had the wrong birthday for me and I asked them to fix it and I also sent in a sprint bill 2 forms of id and soc sec card) , last but not least too many risk factors (hmmm which risk factors are those when I gave a whole list of deposits and transactions that I made without them telling me). I explained that the birthdate was wring so that's what locked me out so after all the hassle I asked to soeak to a superior and that agent stated " I found an available supervisor and I am transferring you now" only to be left on hold for 33 mins for me to hang up and call back to be told by the automated service that they're close to call back tomorrow. How so very inconvenient and I have deposits coming next week. Called back this morning as soon as they opened (To make a long story short, I was told again that I can no longer use netspend because of the fraudulent activity that I haven't called in anout on my own account that I think I would see when I log into the account or my text alerts would tell me money is being spent without my knowledge. The agent said my account would be closed and a check would be sent out to me for the remaining balance on my account and any direct deposit will be returned to the the senders. Wow!!! This what loyal customers get??? But im still able to access my other card account. I've been with netspend too long and have sent other people to netspend. So very inconvenient and so very unsatisfied. How do you just come up with the conclusion of fraudulent activity but the customer isn't making complaints of missing money, a card being used or multiple logins. I'm really confused amd I think along with every body else, netspend has lost yet another customer. People that don't want to deal with banks depend on prepaid seevices for many reasons, one being early deposits. So not cool netspend!!! No help whatsoever to resolve my issue and get rude attitude customer service.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Nov 21, 2016

    Thank you for the feedback. We hate to hear things like this. We are very sorry to hear your account is closed. Please contact us at [protected] and we would be happy to address any of your concerns with your account.
    Thank you,

Nov 20, 2016
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      21st of Nov, 2016
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    Netspend - Blocked account
    United States

    I will NEVER EVER RECOMMED OR REFER ANYONE TO NETSPEND. After 4 days of the run around, rude representatives, talking to the high risk department and explaning my situation more than a fozen times. I got absolutely no where but what I was told was that someone called in and did identity theft on MY account that I've had over 10 years. The person did identity theft April 21, 2016, they closed ONE of my accounts April 29th, 2016 but this account remained open. They never contacted me through none of the contacts they had for me via email text call or a letter to resolve an issue that I had no knowledge of but NETSPEND closes one account and block another because they allowed someone to commit FRAUD by calling in and saying they were Shinitta Smith and did and identity theft claim but gave me THE ACTUAL PERSON DO MUCH TO EVEN FIND OUT WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH MY ACCOUNT. They gave the FRAUDULENT PERSON the attention they needed to sabotage my account where I have 3 work checks and 2 government checks being deposited into this account. It is now damn near December and Im just now finding out about this. I've been lied to by reps saying they didn't have access yo trsnsfer me to the High risk department when I was trasfere by 3 others and spoke to someone in the department which of whom I told i had already faxed over my drivers license, my work Badge, soc sec card and 2 bills with name address and birthdate before calling and before THEY opened. I was told by the rep that she did see the documents and I also recieved several emails stating the documents was received. The rep stated we just need another copy of your IDs and soc sec crad because the first copy was dark. I was told I could take a pic of it on my phone and email it to [protected], I did just that to only call back later get a full runaround, being on hold and getting pushed back to the automated service, being told that they are unable to transfer my call because records states that I am no longer elible for netspend seevices WOW!!! They hit me with fraudulent activity when in all reality they let someone call in and commit fraud by saying they were me. Why would I report identity theft to the peole who's handling my money i work for amd pay bills with, also my sons suvivor benefits and another Son's SSI benefits were due to be posted any day now. WHY WOULD I DO THIS TO MYSELF HMMMMMMM!!! So they talked to the fraudulent person and gave them exactly what they wanted and I didn't receive the money from that account so did NETSPEND send the money to the FRAUD. What a backwards ### company. NEVER AGAIN AMD IF YOU CLOSE ONE ACCOUNT WHY NOT CLOSE ALL ACOUNTS??? Alot of suspicion activity on NETSPEND end if you ask me. Very cutthroat moment for me then to find out I was the actual one being frauded because talked to amd allowed a stranger to access info and get my account closed witout my knowledge, we have to be smarter than this, did NETSPEND ask all necessary questions NO. Did NETSPEND contact me about any suspicious activity then NO BIT NETSPEND TALKED TO THE FRAUDS AND TREATED ME LIKE I WAS THE FRAUDULENT CRIMINAL

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