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In 2018 on a platform like Netflix that doesn't have to abide the traditional network norms, I am disappointed by what seems a lack of thought or care toward inclusion and representation on The Final Table. Only five of the 24 contestants of this challenge are women, and a relative few of the 'global' pool are people of color.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Brooklyn, NY By the end of Episode 6—an episode about the United States in which all four judges are white men and a dish focusing on indigenous foods is dismissed as 'not Thanksgiving-y'—there are 12 men left standing and no women. Annoying. Boring. And done to death--why retread the same sexist and culturally elitist territory both television and the restaurant industry has been living in for the last century or more?

For more notes on tone deafness and selective marginalization on The Final Table, please see Annaliese Griffin's spot-on analysis on Quartzy:

Please do better.

Nov 29, 2018

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