Netflix / no dvd selection... no universal selections via profile... no obamas...

I stream and rent dvds from netflix.

What happened to the dvd selection from netflix? Over the last few months, my queue has gone from 70 selections to 12 and most of those won't release until next month... Meanwhile, the movies I have in reserve continues to grow with no release dates anticipated. I can no longer find movies that are of interest... Most are third-rate b-flixs, foreign language flixs, episodic flixs, left-wing propaganda, or otherwise trash. I just want movies... Real movies like netflix once had. Also, I must have closed-captions or subtitles, but the majority of movies available for rental do not even have these basic features.

Netflix needs universal preferences in their browser engine that allows us to state what we don't want to see in our suggestions... I don't want movies without subtitles or captions, I don't want foreign language movies, I don't want bollywood or arabic movies, I don't want episodic movies, I don't want slasher/horror genres, I do want to only see movies released in the last week / month etc. This can't be too difficult, but it would then become apparent that netflix does not have any choices.

With the hiring of the obamas... If this goes thru... I will cancel my subscriptions.

May 29, 2018

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