Netflix / lack of information

San Diego, United States

I used to base my choices about movies to rent on Netflix partially based on the explanation given by Netflix, and somewhat on the reviews by other Netflix viewers. But recently Netflix has changed the way they review films. Now, all there is to go on is the member reviews because Netflix doesn't break down the reasons for ratings anymore. Why don't they inform members about nudity, language, violence, or type of sex (gay or straight) anymore? That's not fair! I don't think I should have to read through the boring reviews from other members, and still have to do my own research too, just to find out whether or not an R rated movie was rated R because of violence, nudity, language, or some combination thereof. I especially don't want any nasty surprises half-way through a movie. I do not like nudity, or gay sex scenes, and do not appreciate the change in policy. We are paying for a service, not just a movie, after all, we could just as well go to a Red Box if we didn't care what we watched!

Dec 27, 2014

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