Netflixdvd rentals

I Nov 29, 2017

I was recently made aware that Netflix intends to raise the rates of service 10%, which is understandable, but not if I continue to receive my DVD rentals a day later than scheduled!!!

For the past couple years I have sent and received DVD's and they have been received at home or by Netflix by the next business day. Lately (the last 3-4 weeks), they have been received a day or two later than expected/scheduled.

Also, Netflix used to send and receive DVD's on Saturdays... This was a very convenient feature and made the price/service worthwhile. If Netflix intends to raise the rates, I strongly suggest that these 2 features (i.e. next day receipt of DVD rentals and Saturday receivables and shipments).

Thank you for your consideration and allowing me to voice my concerns.

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