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I am writing this because I am tired of getting different information on the phone than I am given in the bank. I was opted into a program that releases my direct deposits to my savings ending in 3729 a day early. I went into the bank and I spoke to a representative and that is what I was told. so my direct deposit that is set to post to my account from the treasury is supposed to go in on the 1st of August but the early release would be on Tuesday the 31st of July. when I came home I called customer service and once again the information was different. .

I am also tired of coming to the bank and seeing the MAC machine not working or ATM as it is now called (in my younger days it was called a MAC machine since all you could do at the machine was take out money). you are forced to go into the bank and wait in line while the CSR have conversations with customers to the extent that they are not waiting on the customer they are having more of a conversation than customer service and the line grows longer. after my transaction the receipt in the bank reads ATM why would it read that when I was waited on by a CSR this causes an issue with overdrafts since when I go into the bank I ask is my account negative and they say no and give me money from that account only the next day to call CSR and find that my account is overdrawn and it was overdrawn on the day I went into the bank. I know this is probably confusing but the point is why the different information. the csr hotline should not be giving different information than the physical bank the information should match but I am repeatedly experiencing inconsistencies. and please do not say because we have a lot of new people that excuse has been used again and again when it comes to peoples money the information should be accurate new or not. especially if you have been charged an NSF fee as a result of it. this needs to be changed and change should not come at the expense of the customer who is the very nature of your business.

Jul 26, 2018

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