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Navy fcu is one of the worst banks I have ever placed my money in. They are extremely rude and have no concept of customer service. My first issue arose when we applied for a mortgage. They assigned me to a loan officer in a completely different state. The loan officer was never in her office. I called constantly to try and talk to her and ask questions and never received a call back. I finally gave one last attempt after a month of this, and she was in her office so they placed me on hold for 30 minutes. The line got disconnected and when I tried to call back the office was closed. So I called the corporate office to file a complaint, and they told me I would have to wait until the next day when that office was open again. I cancelled my request for a mortgage loan due to the fact that I would not trust a sum of that much money with someone I can't even get a hold of. My second issue arose when I was checking our account online and our balance showed a large amount more than what I had written in my check book. I checked again the next day and again it was different but this time much less than what I had recorded. Again, the next day I checked our account and it was back to a larger sum than what I had recorded. I cannot trust what they have on the computer, it is inadequate and probably why a lot of people warned me not to open an account with navy federal credit union. Navy federal has horrible service and absolutely no organization skills.

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  • Lo
      Sep 09, 2009

    You are very lucky that you didn't get a mortgage loan with NFCU. We have one with them, and are unable to get any kind of real communication concerning issues and have had to deal with uncommunicative "service" reps. As soon as we are financially able, we will be going with another lender to refinance, and will not use NFCU for anything again! I have been a member for over 25 years, so that says something about their recent 'style' of conducting business.

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  • Vr
      Feb 10, 2011
    Navy Federal Credit Union - unloyal
    North Carolina
    United States

    I got a negative balance in my account because i got scammed, but if the sorry employee (female) who work at the branch off of western blvd beside redlobster and first citizen bank would have done her job correctly i wouldnt be in a negative. I sell avon and thats how the entire thing started. Anyways, the scammer sent me two more checks just because he/she thought i didnt know it was a fake but i received the fake checks through fedex and i took those checks bakc up to the same branch to two differnet women who automatically noticed that the checks were fake and they apologized for the other ladys mistake im like really though its not yall fault but if she had done her job the right way she would have noticed the checks were fake i didnt know it but she should have she works at the bank the other ladys said she should have noticed by touch, feel, and site that the checks were fake and i feel as though i shouldnt be held accountable for their mistakes and i hope i can get a law suit on that branch for their mistake

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