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I noticed some strange charges on my credit cards company. I forgot to ask my husband about it. The next month there was another one National Magazine Exchange had debited two payments of $67.09 each. I called the company who told me my husband had ordered the magazines. I told her that would be so unlike him. She said he was recorded giving his permission to charge his credit card. We had not received any magazines and I asked what they were. "Martha Stewart Living" (He cannot stand her.), "Popular Mechanics", "Weight Watchers", "ESPN", Complementary "Fast Co" ? Auto M?" I said he would be livid when he found out he had been charged for these. She said, "Why would he be livid. He ordered them." He gave his permission for his credit card to be charged. I told her I could not believe he understood that. She said. "Oh really?" I hung up and called back again to get more info. I then found out that we were scheduled to be charged two more payment of $67.09. I said I wanted to cancel the orders as we had not received any of the magazines. She said they couldn't do that but she would work something out with me. I was so frustrated I just said I would talk to my bank. I'm going to call the Florida Attorney General and complain to them.

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  • Gc
      May 03, 2010

    I received a USPS notice today(5/3/10) from an E. Wright telling me that is was a second time they tried to reach me to alert me that i have limited time (to May 6) to be elegible for a $1.1oo, ooo prize. All I need do is call [protected] to validate my ID number.
    Mama didn't raise any fools!

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  • En
      Feb 22, 2011

    First of all, there is No sweepstakes to begin with so thats your first mistake for even believing there is one, you have more of a chance of catching AIDS than winning a sweepstakes! I know this because I used to work for these professional scam artists who by the way are so lawyered up there is NO way for you to get out of any subscription. Secondly, no one forced YOU to listen to the subscription sales agent and the verifyier who YOU gave your cc number to, no one FORCED you to stay on the line through any of this, thats your second mistake, you agreed to shoppers advantage and great fun so you are ultimately to blame for bieng ignorant and greedy because you thought you could win money! This sweepstakes is geared and mailed to uneducated, low income and the elderly. Its common sense that (ALL) sweepstakes are a scam and YOU made the desicion to call and STAY on the line. This company not only scams the public but their employees as well. The steal money from both ends, (yours and mine) and once you work there, the co. makes damn sure to give you a horrible reference so when you do leave it is difficult to gain employement again. Next time you recieve ANY offers in the mail that have ANY inclination that you might win alot money, just trash it. Its all lies. Make sure you warn family and friends about this neverending scam so they can do the same. They had you at hello.

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  • We
      Jul 28, 2011

    I AGREE with BGL, who posted [protected], FRAUD ALERT concerning National Magazine Exchange.

    My husband got scammed by this piece of crap company -- and it took only about three hours! He got the *** OFFICIAL PRIZE DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT *** & made the ill-rated call. He was conned into ordering a 'Popular Science' magazine which we have no use for, & was told of all the great extras that he was going to receive: 2 Diamond Watches, an Electronic Organizer, a couple of DVD's, a $50.00 WalMart card, & a $40.00 card to use towards paying HALF of the magazine bill. It's bound to all junk.

    The magazine payments were said to be about $15.00 over 4 months. In LESS THAN 3 HOURS, a charge for $67.09 was taken from our checking account.

    I kept telling him NOT to order anything from NME, but he wouldn't listen to me. Tomorrow he will be calling to CANCEL the so-called subscription...BUT the first thing he will do is to go to the bank & cancel our checking account, & we'll be getting a new one.

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