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National Magazine Exchangestrike it rich vi sweepstakes

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Your reply is needed immediatley to be eligible for $2, 100, 000.00 prize offerings. Dialed the 1.800.207.8171 and was quoted no purchase necessary. Was asked for my phone number and like a fool I gave it to them. The next step was bombarding me with pleas to buy their magazines for $1.29 per week and to receive 2 quartz watches with a real diamond at the 12 position on the clock face. When I wouldn't budge they transferred me to their "supervisor" who tried to get me to accept a cruise package. I hung up! Dialed the 800 number and a recording said the number is no longer active.
Called their hotline # to remove my name from their mailing list. Had to enter the id # on my mailer and the recording said the request has been processed. The number called is [protected]


  • Pa
    Patty Kaspi Aug 20, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Please report these fraudulent sharks to the Federal Trade Commission so they can investigate these fraudsters. Here's their website address >>>

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  • Wi
    Wisdom @ Cost Jun 20, 2018

    These outfits cash in from any response you make toward them as they likely procure your information from a number of sources such as indirectly or directly from clients of things like Facebook, ie: the England client of facebook ?? analytical...remember them just weeks ago and the congressional inquiry that happened to Facebooks' creator...we'll just remind you that Publisher's Clearinghouse has played and re-invented this game over and over the fact that they (PCH) hasn't been brought down it is only obvious that many will try to compete for the desperate people willing to play this fools game. Sometimes they will payoff in small amounts to avoid Pyramid and Ponzi scheme federal charges. Desperate people, hopeful people or plain stupid people make the downside of trying to spin one of these sleazy operations extremely profitable...If you've made the error already you can only cut them off and scrub your information by changing your debit or pre-paid & banking accounts.

    Then contact the closest or main offices of the Postal inspectors office...Yes the U.S. Postal Inspector they use the mail system to initiate or expand their scam. However, be aware the legal loopholes are the things that Publishers Clearing house has navigated so extremely well. I believe they have only generated a very few million dollar winners and that of those it may have legally avoided awarding the prize over several or many years that is done by not having a qualified desperado achieving all the required steps along the A fat Parkinson's disease or arthritis ridden person with curvature of the spine has a greater chance of winning the American Ninja challenge. Face it these people could beat out any and all Survivor winners. But these lesser operators can be caught as they are not as Publisher Clearinghouse savvy. So report them with all the documentation you can get on them or just instantly shred these "too good to be true offers"...face it they probably never sent you a first notice and you most likely never entered any sweepstakes or contest or raffle in the first place and you will avoid ending up on a suckers list that they will sell under the "These are fools that we have made money off of Mailing address List" that they sell to other wannabee scammers. They thrive on the low hanging fruit which is your information...Starve them to death!

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  • De
    DeboraFitzgerald Oct 06, 2015

    Letter states as written prize value 1100000.00. Status pending as of ocloser 1 2015. We have been trying to reach you regarding prize entry I'd [protected]. The prize eligibility associated with this idea I'd is 1100000.00. In order to enter for eligibility to this prize opportunity we will need to hear from you by October 1 2015. Call. [protected]. Imagine 30 annuities. Mr write wrote a nice dreamy letter. Be in touch later. I do not want to order any magazines at this time. Unless your company orders usa today newspaper. I use to work for the newspaper in virginia, md area. I love magazines and newspapers. Top reading. Have a great year. Sincerely. Debora ann fitzgerald. Did I win sometching good?????☺

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  • De
    DeboraFitzgerald Oct 06, 2015

    Hi. I got a letter from Mr. E. Wright. My entry ID number is [protected]. I think the lump sum option is fine. As well as the 30 year plan for payouts. Whatever the Strike it rich ix sweepstakes grand prize was meant to be. I still have not heard about the Florida conferences. Let Mr wright knowroI tried to reach him. It is now october6, 2015. See yah I. Future

    Sincerely. Debora fitzgerald. I'd number926042045. Thanks for your nice letter!😊

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  • Am
    Amanda Rossenrode Jul 28, 2015
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    i got this same letter in the mail about a week ago and i called the number the person i talked to asked me for the id number or entry number whatever it was i gave it to her she told me about how there was was no purchase necessary and that was that she even wished me good luck i have not recieved any calls from anyone soliciting anything or any harrasment ...YET...I am also one of those people that think all of these things are scams but they are just sales people doing what their job requires and sorry to say it but if you were that dumb to give up your info or any kind of permission to charge any of your accounts whether the amount is $1.00 or 1, 000 thats what you get who would give out there info just like that as for the telemarketers that call and ask for me i just let them know that i was recently deceased and that usually stops them...good luck to anyone who did get scammed tracking them down for some kind of justice is a real pain and alot of wasted time...

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  • Fr
    froggetit Jun 09, 2013

    I work for this company and they don't scam anyone. If you don't read the information that is presented to you, and pay attention then perhaps your not responsible enough to have access to banking information which you give to the company after you make the decision to make a purchase. Buyers remorse folks!!! It happens to the best of us,

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  • We
    wendybeary Apr 29, 2012
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    Does anyone know who to contact when you have been scammed by the magazine company? Because I am one who has been scammed by this company. They took money from my PREPAID debit card when prepaid cards are NOT to used and they took alot. If anyone knows please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ar
    ArmyWife1 Mar 23, 2012

    I would like to ask the question ...Has any one entered the publishers clearing house sweepstakes, because when I started submitting to them is when I started to receive all these bogus sweepstakes in the mail. I think the sale personal info to these ppl for a profit!

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  • Hd
    HDmechanic May 17, 2011

    Well i work for this company and well you DON'T need to buy the mags to enter the drawing. Its our job to sell them so we can get paid in order to live. You CAN hang up at any time. I mean once you give us your ID number your already entered in the drawing. Not everything is a scam. you try doing this for a living when your homeless as i am. All you people look to into it and try to find a way that makes everything you think is to good to be true a scam or something like that.

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  • Na
    NancyBeyond Feb 22, 2011

    Pretty easy to see that it's a scam - although they do make it look realistic. Thanks for all of the heads up from everyone who commented!!! It's amazing to think how many people get scammed by these idiots - whether they send the junk by snail mail or email. So if anyone else received an official prize listing from national magazine exchange... SHRED IT!

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  • Me
    ME MY Jan 05, 2011


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  • My
    Mystic_Kanjie Dec 29, 2010

    j2daoey & karat27.

    I believe there is a term for you people on these types of forums. While the name eludes me. I can tell from how defencive your getting about this. That you are appart of this said company. Or paid to try and get people suckered into this load of BS. Anyone worth their weight in lead knows about the Ramada scam. There are people just like you claiming "It's no scam! trust us! try it out! we are paid to tell you this!... I mean we had a great vacation!". Give it up. You are only fools for trying, and to those who don't know what the ramada scam is. People get a 2 week vacation for only 583$ for the cruise docking fee ((which is a real fee btw)). But in the long run end up having to spend on average 5, 000-14, 000$ And after complaining to the "companies" that did the award. they get back maybe 20% of what the had to spend. SO I SAY AGAIN. Good try. But you failed again. As long as you people are here spreading this horrible excuse for a scam. There will be us, who know better. Right behind you. Watching you. Waiting for you to screew up. So we can run you into the ground and force you to live the life you make the poor people who dont know better live after you rape their bank accounts, rob their dignitiy, and steal their faith in man kind. Good day. Good show. Pray I never see those names again on another scam page.

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  • Ka
    karat27 Nov 08, 2010

    thank you j2daoey. a lot of people loose perspective when it comes to this. they are just dong their job. as a trained sales person i know that the first thing they train you on is dont accept no as an answer, keep pushing. the odds of winning are 1:26, 000, 000. just like any other sweepstakes its a number game. the fact that someone actually won proves that it isnt a scam and the fact that they arnt asking for money to enter also proves that point.

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  • An
    andrew buckins sr. Oct 20, 2010

    i do agree

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  • J2
    j2daoey Oct 16, 2010

    If you said no, and were adamant about saying no, then you would have been sent to hear about an offer from their marketing partner, like the cruise. Ladycozy and Angie MS, remember that Rosemary has her job to do, just like you. Her job is to follow her process to the best of her abilities. No one asked you to remain on the line. You were free to hang up whenever you wanted to.
    Edk-1, yes...the last winner was an elderly widow from New York.
    Browneyed girl, the letter didnt state that you won. It said that it asked you to call in regarding your entry for the sweepstakes.
    agmommy, of COURSE they need the number first in order to remove your name and address, otherwise the person you first talk to cannot pull in the information to put it in the do not mail file! They do not have the information to where they got your information because theyre just a 'worker bee.' But sadly, agmomma, THIS IS NOT A BIG SCAM. you get a chance to win a million something dollars and you get a rate rate on magazines. There is nothing wrong with those that want them. Just say you dont have a credit card when they ask.

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  • Ag
    agmomma Jul 29, 2010

    When you call the 800 number to request your name & address to be removed, they must get that "I. D. Number" first. When the person tells you that they cannot reveal WHERE your name & address was taken from, they say that you MUST write to a certain address to be removed...Bull shirt! There's another 800 number on the back of the "winning notice" and THEY can remove you. I enter alot of sweepstakes from reputable sources (I believe); or other popular sweepstakes listings that tell you ANYTHING you need to know about the sweepstakes...Be aware that YOU REALLY NEED TO READ THE RULE PAGE CAREFULLY!! Any of these likely shared my info., but THIS, my Friends, IS A BIG SCAM, SO TELL 'EM TO REMOVE YOUR INFORMATION---PLEASE!!! *Good Luck & Bless You!

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  • Br
    Brown eyed girl Jun 01, 2010

    I never entered a "Sweepstakes" and i was mailed a letter saying i won 1, 100, 000.00
    Been there done that..any sweepstakes saying you already won is a bunch of BS...your better off just throwing it in the garbage...dont wast your time, and dont get your hopes up!Watch out for scammer's..their out to get you!

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  • An
    Angie MS Mar 08, 2010

    I just called the 1-800# to register my sweepstakes ID number and when I advised I was not interested in the magazines or watches I was just registering my sweepstakes # the representative kept repeating herself and was extremely rude stating I was over talking her. I hung up on her. This is a bunch of garbage!!!

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  • Ed
    EdK-1 Feb 23, 2010

    it is Feb 23rd 2010 and now they are up to Strike it rich VII sweepstakes.
    Anyone know if this actually gets won by anyone?

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  • Po
    poster boy Nov 14, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I disagree only about contacting the BBB, they`ll do nothing, they only record complaints, nothing more. Contact your states Attorney General office lodge a formal complaint with his or her office, the phone number is in you phone book in the blue pages or do a search online for your state. they have the power, thats their to protect you from scams like this.

    Every mailing, I get like this, I do a search to see if it full of complaints, like this one. Mailing just went through the shredder. If it`s a email then is the place to go for complete answer, and then you decide whether to send it on, most Email are False and have very little truth to them, author`s just got nothing better to do, or just likes telling stories.

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  • La
    ladycozy Apr 23, 2009

    They offered me the same thing they contradict themselves by stating on the form "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY" but when you call they asks you if you still have a VISA, M/C, DISCOVER AND AMERICAN EXPRESS then they offer you to purchase magazines such as RACHEL RAY, GOOD HOUSE KEEPING and some magazine then their say that if you order tje magazine for a dollar and something you'll get 2 Quartz watches with a black face with a diamond at the 12 hand they ask for your home phone number. I kept telling Rosemary that I'm not interested in the magazine she kept talking over me about these magazine and I kept telling her no I do not want any magazine she kept pushing and I kept saying no so then she said she will transfer me to her supervisor to offer me a deal then the phone went silent. Seen like this company should be report to the BBB for the sake of elder people who received this form thinking they will win this $2, 100, 000.00
    in this today and time with the way the economy is going

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