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fraud alert

I noticed some strange charges on my credit cards company. I forgot to ask my husband about it. The next month there was another one National Magazine Exchange had debited two payments of $67.09 each. I called the company who told me my husband had ordered the magazines. I told her that would be so unlike him. She said he was recorded giving his permission to charge his credit card. We had not received any magazines and I asked what they were. "Martha Stewart Living" (He cannot stand her.), "Popular Mechanics", "Weight Watchers", "ESPN", Complementary "Fast Co" ? Auto M?" I said he would be livid when he found out he had been charged for these. She said, "Why would he be livid. He ordered them." He gave his permission for his credit card to be charged. I told her I could not believe he understood that. She said. "Oh really?" I hung up and called back again to get more info. I then found out that we were scheduled to be charged two more payment of $67.09. I said I wanted to cancel the orders as we had not received any of the magazines. She said they couldn't do that but she would work something out with me. I was so frustrated I just said I would talk to my bank. I'm going to call the Florida Attorney General and complain to them.

  • Gc
    gcking May 03, 2010

    I received a USPS notice today(5/3/10) from an E. Wright telling me that is was a second time they tried to reach me to alert me that i have limited time (to May 6) to be elegible for a $1.1oo, ooo prize. All I need do is call 800 235 6247 to validate my ID number.
    Mama didn't raise any fools!

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  • En
    enemyofnme Feb 22, 2011

    First of all, there is No sweepstakes to begin with so thats your first mistake for even believing there is one, you have more of a chance of catching AIDS than winning a sweepstakes! I know this because I used to work for these professional scam artists who by the way are so lawyered up there is NO way for you to get out of any subscription. Secondly, no one forced YOU to listen to the subscription sales agent and the verifyier who YOU gave your cc number to, no one FORCED you to stay on the line through any of this, thats your second mistake, you agreed to shoppers advantage and great fun so you are ultimately to blame for bieng ignorant and greedy because you thought you could win money! This sweepstakes is geared and mailed to uneducated, low income and the elderly. Its common sense that (ALL) sweepstakes are a scam and YOU made the desicion to call and STAY on the line. This company not only scams the public but their employees as well. The steal money from both ends, (yours and mine) and once you work there, the co. makes damn sure to give you a horrible reference so when you do leave it is difficult to gain employement again. Next time you recieve ANY offers in the mail that have ANY inclination that you might win alot money, just trash it. Its all lies. Make sure you warn family and friends about this neverending scam so they can do the same. They had you at hello.

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  • We
    wegotscammed Jul 28, 2011

    I AGREE with BGL, who posted 1-11-2011, FRAUD ALERT concerning National Magazine Exchange.

    My husband got scammed by this piece of crap company -- and it took only about three hours! He got the *** OFFICIAL PRIZE DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT *** & made the ill-rated call. He was conned into ordering a 'Popular Science' magazine which we have no use for, & was told of all the great extras that he was going to receive: 2 Diamond Watches, an Electronic Organizer, a couple of DVD's, a $50.00 WalMart card, & a $40.00 card to use towards paying HALF of the magazine bill. It's bound to all junk.

    The magazine payments were said to be about $15.00 over 4 months. In LESS THAN 3 HOURS, a charge for $67.09 was taken from our checking account.

    I kept telling him NOT to order anything from NME, but he wouldn't listen to me. Tomorrow he will be calling to CANCEL the so-called subscription...BUT the first thing he will do is to go to the bank & cancel our checking account, & we'll be getting a new one.

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I got a letter from NME, but at the time did not know who they were as the letter did not give it, so i went on line and typed in the phone number that was on the letter that is how i found out who they were. When i first got the letter I thought gee this would be great to win some money, sure can use it, but then i got to tinking about it wondering who this came from, so like i said went on line to check it out. There i found a lot of unhappy people who had been riped off, but what i dont understand is why do people give out there credit card info in the firts place to people they dont even know any thing about with out checking it out first. I am glad i did, i riped up the letter and put it where it belonged, in the trash. Please people think first before you act on something like this, dont you know there is nothing in this world that is free?

  • Ol
    OldBill Dec 24, 2009

    One less victim, thanks to websites like this one. If everyone who is aware of these kinds of websites were to educate just one or two others, many of these scam operations would be out of business before they got off the ground.

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I received notification that I had won a sweepstakes, and that I needed to respond before 12/3/2009. The...

Dba National Magazine Exchange


The so called company, got sixtytwo dollars off my credit cards.There still sending letters saying i owe them...

Sweepstakes $2,100,000.00 Prize

They did it again. Trying to SCAM the public. DOn't fall for this Crap. They should be shut down and...

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cancelation policy

My 81 year old Grandmother, somewho authorized for 10 new magazines. But doesnt remember doing this, she said...

strike it rich vi sweepstakes

Your reply is needed immediatley to be eligible for $2, 100, 000.00 prize offerings. Dialed the...

failure to cancel subscription

When I signed up for the magazines, they told me I had 30 days to change my mind. During this time, they were to send me different magazines to see if I liked their services. On January 21, 2009, I wrote to them and told them that I did not like any of the magazines they were sending, and that they were to cancel my subscription ASAP. I called the next month, when I noticed they had taken out yet
another payment. I told the clerk that I had cancelled the subscription on January 21, 2009, that I did not want any more money coming out of my account. She claimed that they had not received my cancellation, so, I again advised her to cancel the subscription immediately. She said that she was cancelling it at that time, and that I would receive a refund for the last payment. That didn't happen either. Another payment was taken from my account in March. I don't think they are planning to cancel the subscription. Since I have contacted them twice, and twice they told me there were cancelling the subscription, I am wondering what my next step should be.

Please advise me what I should do now.

  • Te
    techo213 Oct 08, 2009

    For anybody AND everybody that has given out their card numbers trusting that the company is honest and then find them stealing you blind every month or so, here's all you have to do. If you used a credit card, call your card company and specify that you DO NOT want them to pay these people any more. Have them put a PERMANENT block on them so they can no longer charge your card. If you can authorize it, you can UNauthorize it through the card company. As for a debit card, speed is of the essence. If it is a pending transaction, call or get to your bank ASAP and have it blocked. After that it's pretty much the same as for a credit card.
    The key to avoiding all this mess in the first place is: 1) don't let greed or desperation get the best of you, 2) read ALL of the letter or document you get including the fine print. These scam guys like making the print hard to read by making it small and either light or close to the background color, 3) never give out your card number without checking them out. You NEED to know who you're dealing with. Use the internet, look them up on the BBB website as well. 4) and finally, use your common sense, "When in doubt, shred it and throw it out". Besides, have you seen the odds of winning? 26 MILLION to ONE. I don't know if that many people are in the US including any illegals. I just hope this helps save someone some extra grief they don't need.

    1 Votes
  • Jo
    John Rosselot Mar 25, 2010

    Dear Sirs: I am grateful to you for your complaint messages. I too have recieved a notice from National Magazine Exchange. The phone number that is on the 'enrty' form is 1-800-235-6247 and it has a Clearwater, Florida address. My registered prize enrty number is 320465992 and I have 'won' $1, 100, 000.00. If these numbers are similar to others from your readers, it must be a fraud. I get million dollar offers from many places that are all frauds: Nigeria, Ghana, Hong Kong, England, and Belgium. Most of these fake offers are full of grammatical errors and misspellings. They also try to represent themselves as attorneys of bank officers and even the FBI!! I hope this message helps someone to NOT give in to greed or need and get caught up in these phoney schemes that only cost money and deliver nothing in return.

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National Magazine Exchange sent me a letter telling me to get registered for their $2, 1000, 000.00 prize...

purchase order

Received letter of listed magazines that were selected by Natl. Magazine Exchanged to be billed to my credit card account. The telephone number is listed to call for any changes and hour to call on Mon.-Fri and Saturdays. I call on Saturday 03/14/2009 during the hours given and only a recording came on listing the
web site and hours same as letter but than disconnnect. I am also being charged more than telephone order given over the phone during time of order being placed. Also, I can't get any connecting on their web site: WWW.NMEMAGS.COM

  • Ri
    RiverGurl Jan 11, 2010

    I totally agree with everyone else. I got a bill for the whole amount, even after I had already paid a couple of mths. I am a couple of mths late. Not serious, but I know I am to pay. Well, I called a number they said in notice, Customer Service Department toll-free at 888-465-4037. Whoever that # belongs to, they have NO AFFILIATION with NME. I was told to go to the BBB Better Business Bureau. I did. Then I go back to NME and sent e-mail telling them, I would send a certain amount of money. NOT the whole thing, because I had already made some payments. I also mentione that I went to BBB. Interesting to see what response I get back.

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terrible company

They called me and said that they were from the national Magazine Exchange. It was a real friendly man, i do not remember his name but coincidentally we were from the same state!!! and so was the first guy who answered the phone! How ironic! How stupid and naive i was!!! He said he was calling from the credit dept. I asked for what credit card? Do I owe money?? He was calling to tell me I was a potential winner of a 2 million dollar sweepstakes, and to please hold while he gets his supervisor on the phone to take my info for the sweepstakes.

The supervisor sweet talked me, spoke really fast and was so vague on his questions, i started getting confused. He then asked if i wanted several subscriptions to magazines that I liked and bought in stores, for a fraction of the price; it came out to about .60 per magazine, which was a savings of over $2.00 each magazine! I was so excited and agreed. I ordered a one year subscription to parenting magazine, shape, and stay at home moms (i think that was the name he gave me). He said all i had to pay was $67 and change one time, i would be entered into the sweepstakes, and would receive the magazine subscriptions for a year. i was psyched. however time went on, and i started receiving magazines in the mail for Car and driver, Maxim, forbes, all these financial or men's magazines. I received only one Parenting magazine, and never received anything else except for these [censored] magazines i have no use for!! I mean I get at least 10 magazines a week, for ones I never ordered!!!

Then i went onto my credit card's web site where i had placed the purchase through, and lo and behold I see all these charges from at least several companies in the past two months since i subscribed. one charge is for NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL $67.08 on 11/14/08, NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL $67.08 on 12/16/08, AP9*ATHOMEREWARDS [protected] CT $19.95 on 1/1/09, NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL $67.08 on 1/16/09, AP9*ATHOMEREWARDS [protected] CT $19.95 on 2/22/09, $67.08 from NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL on 2/24/09!!! I called the national magize exchange myself complain. they never answered their phones. it goes right to a voicemail box where i left three messages, three days in a row. the message states they will return your call by the next business day. this was last week. i never got a call back. I am so upset and furious that I have been scammed!!!

I just called my credit card company and had to cancel my card and get a new one. Can someone please help me? I want my money back! I don't want these subscriptions to magazines I NEVER ORDERED EITHER! Plus the ones i did pay for i never even got except for one magazine, and i only received it once last month! I was told when i signed up it was only one charge for the $67.00 for the 12 month subscription for the three magazines i believe. but he spoke so fast i could not understand everything. please help me! I have been scammed!!!

  • Be
    bet Mar 20, 2009

    if you send your card company a letter about the items that were not agreed to by you with that company, they have a duty to investigate, and then should remove those charges, without having added late charges and interest from the time they got your letter. Even though they gave you a new card, you can still pursue this...the 2 accounts are probably not connected, but persevere, speak slowly, and wait...quietly continue when asked that you know nothing about those charges.
    they feel obligated to say something, or they want to help, and perceive you as not knowing what to do, and they want to help. But at all cost, do not get mad or talk shortly with them...even to dropping the phone to catch your

    anyway, good luck!! and I came here today because I just got this same letter, but now I always come to the computer and look up the company before I call anyone...I have been ripped off before...beth

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  • Ch
    chris yuill 2009 May 05, 2009

    i was a fool and agreed to this scam contest i knew it sound to good to be true damn thieves give me back my money

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  • Ch
    chris yuill 2009 May 05, 2009

    damn thieves

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  • Al
    alvinprophet Jan 12, 2012

    I handle my father finances and the same thing happen to him in December 2011 he was scammed for $67.08 called the number and cancelled and then they tried to sell me stuff I told them no thank you so the next month comes and he is charged 40.97 he is on a fixed income. I called these numbers and demanded a refund..i got the 40.97 back at least i got some of the money back

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sweepstakes ripoff

I am so happy I took the time to check out this whole "sweepstakes" out before calling them back. I can...

scam for sweepstakes

I received a scam notification concerning a sweepstakes I haha won that is sponsored exclusively by National...

scam contest

My elderly mother has been receiving these scam offical prize listings for a long time. I am lucky in the fact that she is not able to act on this notifications herself. They give her entry #'s and id #'s and tell her to call [protected] by a certain deadline in the hopes of winning over $2 mil. I beleive that this company and well as others are preying upon the elderly in order to gain bank account info so that they can wipe them out. If at all possible I like some information on how to stop these companies from sending my mother this scam mail.

  • Ed
    edboogie2004 Jan 15, 2009

    Public awareness. Go out and do research on this company and inform as many people as possible. With enough support, we can have his company put out of business. I got scammed from this company to a couple of years ago. You can start by going to exchange or google the words national magazine exchange scams... there are 331, 000 results so there's plenty to choose from. The key is to get people educated so it won't happen to them. Oh and I do happen to know that AARP was suing NME for that very reason you're talking about, but I don't know the results of that case. They're also banned from the state of Oregon.

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  • Sl
    slmooney Feb 01, 2011

    Thank you so much for putting this on the web for everyone to see. I have been entering a lot of contest to win a vacation and I'm a bit gullible, fortunately my husband is not. He has me at least looking for postings like yours now! I can't understand how people can be so dishonest and prey on people in need. Thank you

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The national magazine exchange, has lat a 16 year old use a credit card of mine to place an order with them...


While we were on the phone, I googled her "company" and saw nothing but complaints. I asked her politely to...

rip off

When I spoke with the customer service rep for this company and he said they would charge my card, I plainly...

prize in strike it rich vi sweepstakes

this has been going on about for five months now. My significant other is a subscriber to the periodical...

they won't let me cancel

I got roped into listening to this damn thing, and before you know it I was locked into buying magazines. I turned around and tried to cancel 10 minutes later, and they said no cancelling the order. Someone please help me get out of this.

  • Vi
    virginia sikora Sep 03, 2008

    I have the same problem and ill find an answer ... they cant make you buy something you dont want .changing magazines when you complain wont work i keep getting others i dontlike.. im canceling the bank draft and let them deal with it ... if you go to your credit card company and fill out a complaint against them and list it as not what you asked for ... the company will stop them ... im doing that if i can find out where im being pinged.. good luck

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  • Sm
    Smarty Nov 19, 2008

    Sorry but most of you people are just plain dumb! You were LOCKED into magazines? O.k. they may be scammers but YOU said yes and YOU gave them your credit card number. I know someone who works there and I can tell you that you are told how much they are and YOU have more than one opportunity to say NO. Here's some advice...think before you speak and don't give your credit card info and personal info out to anyone. Here's some better advice...forget the don't have to buy magazines to win.

    0 Votes
  • Ed
    edboogie2004 Jan 15, 2009

    First of all, to the previous guy before me. You need to shut up because until you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes, you have no right to judge anyone else. Secondly to the original poster, just have your account "frozen" so National Magazine Exchange can't take any more payments from you. You'll be sent to collections of course but who cares. The Collection company will eventually give up. And don't worry, you're not the only one to fall for this scam they have running in Clearwater, Florida.

    0 Votes
  • La
    Laurie Schlueter Jul 24, 2009

    I tried to cancel and they won't let me, so I cancelled that bank card and now they are sending me delinquent account notices. Will this ever end!!!

    0 Votes
  • Fe
    Fed up Louisiana Jan 02, 2011

    Yes I must agree it is a rip off I tired canceling mines no they told me the same thing. They promised that i would recieve a told of 5to6 magazines.Finally I recieved a magazine, "yes only 1 magazine" which was months later. That 1 magazine was the only 1 i recieved for up to a year. "Yes we the people need justice" because i dont need petty s*** like dis on my credit. There has to be a loop hole somewhere! Besides the bank card was old cause i figured it was a scam but they are still sending me delinquent notices. They charged me for all these magazines and i only recieve one so why so i pay when i didn't get what i order so that's them not keeping their commitment to thier end of the contract.

    0 Votes

want to cancel

I received a letter stating to call the following number to be entered into a sweepstakes giving them my...

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