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National Magazine Exchange Complaints & Reviews

National Magazine Exchange / national magazine exchange

Daniella Bella on Jan 5, 2019

I was scammed all this time! They called me promising me all these things and I never got a diamond watch in the mail and then months later after they keep billing me monthly they call me again trying to get me to sign up when I was already a member so they were trying to scam me twice...

National Magazine Exchange / sweepstakes

P McClendon on Dec 28, 2018

I received through the mail a ID 0Number 22545244 to enter a sweepstake. After registering the man I was talking with tried to offer me a free watch if I subscripted to 3 magazines for $1 something a month. I told him no 3 times and he continued to tell me that you get a free watch with a...

National Magazine Exchange, Agora Marketing Solutions / after one month unable to cancel

Eeenieboi on Oct 1, 2017

Charge on my debit card account today 09/30/2017 $39.71 . When this order was taken over the phone, I told the individual that I did not want that many magazines and the response was Mr. Nelson you may cancel at any time. After the first delivery, I called and cancelled this entire...

National Magazine Exchange / promised a watch and the ability to change the magazines that I receive

Notyou!! on Aug 22, 2017

The woman I talked to promised me a watch and the ability to exchange the magazines that I receive. Well they sure do take the money as quick as possible but I still haven't received a watch and the magazines that I receive are nothing that I would ever order. I am demanding my money back...

National Magazine Exchange / no response to my email messages and refusal to let me cancel.

nev0856 on Jul 13, 2017

I don't mean to complain but I asked the customer service department to please let me cancel my subscriptions but they said it has been too long since April of last year, I think. They didn't tell me I could cancel within a week of first subscribing until much later. I also sent 3 message...

National Magazine Exchange / service canceling my membership

Natassja Phillips on Jun 30, 2017

I got the message in the mail about the sweepstake, I thought I take a shot at it, now I want to cancel my membership but I'm getting talked into another 3 year plan, which I didn't want in the first place, but I'm not the type of person to argue or complain until now. I just want this to...

National Magazines Exchange / magazines

Cathy Bryceseay on Apr 13, 2017

I enter into a contest. Then I end up ordering magazines. Now for a year I have been getting magazines that I did not order. I tried to cancel. I was told that was a promotion magazines. Recently I spoke with them, again I cannot cancel. I am getting wrong products and you want me to pay...

National Magazine Exchange / its a scam! I didn't receive no watch or money

Jazzy123456 on Feb 2, 2017

I received a letter in the mail saying I have until Feb. 23, 2017 to enter into a sweepstakes. My ID number was 961861121. They asked for the date that my card will expired and then they wanted to know my credit card number. The number on the letter told me to call 1-888-588-3928. The...

National Magazine Exchange / unwanted payment / cancel my order

Queen Domo on Aug 25, 2016

I first gotten a letter early august about a prize eligibility of $10, 000 a week and I have called the number provided (1-888-588-3928) to see if I have won said prize that was corresponded with an id number of 949874305 and instead told me about magazines and a watch which I had to pay...

National Magazine Exchange / frauds

James Burke1 on Aug 17, 2016

I received a striksweepstakes sweepstakes id number was 949313288 and their number was 1-888-588-3828. I called to try and verify it was legit they claimed it was then asked me what magazine's I wanted then charged my account without me okaying it. I'm gonna try to call them again today...

National Magazine Exchange / payment schedule

Reviewer28551 on Jan 19, 2016

I was lead to believe that I only needed to make three payments of $67.08 which I did for the months of oct. Nov. &dec. 2015 (bank statements to prove this are available) now in the month of jan 2016, I get a letter telling to make another payment of $68.00 due on 01/21/2016. I hope that...

National Magazine Exchange / fees

Pennie warwick on Apr 23, 2013

These people never give up. They will find you one way or another. I bought some magazines from a student who said he sells them for the NME so that he could go on trips out of state, but when I brought this up to NME rep. she denied this, I asked her ok then where else did I sign up for...

National Magazine Exchange / soliciting old people/fraud


They feed on the elderly and try to get them to spend upwards of $300 on magazine such as Rolling Stone that they would never ever read with promised of winning sweepstakes and free junk watches that don't work. Total ripoff and total disregard for the retired population living on...

National Magazine Exchange / fraud!!!

rtmf on Jun 20, 2012

I received in the mail a sweepstakes prize entry for 1, 100, 000.000 with " my entry #" and to call 1-800-338-5216. So when I called they told me no purchase necessary to enter. Then 3 different times the wanted me to get 3 magazines for 1$ for all 3 and I could cancel anytime. I refused...

National Magazine Exchange / want to cancel subscriptions

theresa poarch on Jun 15, 2012

i need to cancel my subscriptions i do not need them nor can i afford them. some of them are very unuseful for i do not have a small child in my home nor do i own horse. i should not have to subscribe to something i dont need. when i called i thought i was only entering a sweepstake for 1...

National Magazine Exchange Fantasy Riches V Sweepstakes / selling and/or sharing my info

willowby on Jan 18, 2012

I recently entered the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. Soon thereafter I started getting "official prize distribution statements", from the national magazine exchange. The only reason I know who's sending me these statements is because on the back, second to last line, of said...

National Magazine Exchange / representatives tried repeatedly to sell me magazines

Radioannouncer on Jun 19, 2011

On Friday, May 27, 2011, I received a mailing in which I responded by calling a "toll-free" number to enter. When I did I was met with TWO phone reps who both tried more than five times to get me to "sign-up" for magazines, and other merchandise. I continued to say NO but they kept trying...

National Magazine Exchange / stay away

Howdotheysleep on Jun 17, 2011

National Magazine Exchange should be ashamed of themselves. My mother is 82 years old suffering with Dementia. This god forsaken company continues to call and convince her to buy more magazines. They have convinced her to by cook books that she will never use because she's in an...

National Magazine Exchange / read and listen to whats being told to you people

THE THRUTH on Mar 4, 2011

i work for nme, its funny when i read that people say they are being scamd by us. your not forced into buying magazines(you can say no) your not forced into giving your credit card number ( you can hang up), you MUST aggree to it BEFORE your order is processd and when you do YOUR ARE...

National Magazine Exchange / scam and hope canceled immediately

Theresa Schmoker on Feb 22, 2011

This company called offring $1, 0000 sweepstakes then began to sell magazines to the tune of $89.00 per month. I had aleady been scammed by another magazine service, and when they began their sales pitch I stopped them and said no I already had been hit with the same kind of scam month...