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Magazine Rewards Plus Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / magazines

Camilla Young on Feb 17, 2019

So I purchase items from Books a Million on January 26, 2019 and was asked if I would like to get a two month free trial of three magazines. I was instructed by the cashier if I did not want to continue but still receive my free trial to cancel before 30-days but will still get the...

Magazine Rewards Plus / magazine subscription

doc123123 on Dec 19, 2018

I need you to cancel my subscription. I do not authorize you to charge my account. I was sold its under false pretenses. I was told no money would be taken without my consent. I do not want you to send amy magazines to me I am disabled on a fixed income and I can't afford to pay for...

Magazine Rewards Plus / charges after trial period and cancellation

JAC111 on Dec 16, 2018

Beware this company is predatory and deceiving. They are also very difficult to get a live person to speak with as their automated system continuously repeats itself and dumps you out of your most cases my calls took three or more attempts to speak to a live person Beware!!! Nothing i...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / add on to order

martin franek on Dec 1, 2018

I might have kept the subscription but never received the magazines. Therefore I cancelled. Why allow a charge to my account for a product I might never receive. Also applied for the gift card with all documentation and still have not received my promised rewards. My subscriber Id wa...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / canceled

mkshotwell on Sep 12, 2018

This is a scam!! Do NOT sign up with Magazine Rewards. I had signed up for a free month trial on the 9th of July so I had till the 9th of August to cancel. The man I spoke to gave me the cancellation number to call, which I did a week before. I was good until the 15th of August when I saw...

Magazine Rewards Plus / $50 walmart card

Tjlk on Aug 5, 2018

I called the number provided an got signed up for a rewards plus an magazine reward plus and for a go shop and save after all that the person I spoke to had explained all the info about how to cancel my memberships an the numbers to call and afterwards he also had explained that I would...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / unauthorized credit card charges

Vinod Paspuleti on Jul 20, 2018

My credit card and personal information was compromised. I received a call from my credit card company about few fraudulent activities on my card and wanted me to validate the charges. I received a letter with account # 25687811 thanking to become a member. I tried to call the phone number...

Magazine Rewards Plus / magazine offer

Edie Snider on May 31, 2018

Please cancel magazines I notified bank of charges I had called and canceled @ 7 days ago my bank has been notified I never received magazines or walmart gift card ect and no literature as promised and no offers received to review . I had no order number to give as I did receive...

Magazine Rewards Plus / magazine plus $50 walmart gift card

Jessica cochran huskins on Mar 7, 2018

My name is Jessica Cochran Huskins. I called about the gift card that I have yet to receive and the guy on the phone told me I had to get the magazine scription in order to get the gift card. That the first 30 days was free and I could cancel before 3/7/18 and wouldn't be charged and would...

Magazine Rewards Plus / this is a scam-getting charged after I cancelled and never getting anything that was promised

aasshhlleeyy on Feb 9, 2018

THIS IS A SCAM I cancelled this two months ago and my bank told me you have tried to charge me 3 times in two months plus the charge that is processing now. I Never got anything that was promised in the mail. I am a singer mother and I'm unemployed I don't have any money and you made my...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / walmart gift card

hatfield35 on Jan 13, 2018

My name is alissa hatfield my subscription numbers are 52625853 and 52625854.I got magazines and supposed to get gift cards to i reciveing the magazines but no gift cards yet i filled out the fourms for the gift cards back in october or November if im correct. it says on the fourms 3 to 4...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / free trial issues to magazines plus gift card

Sunnie gal on Dec 4, 2017

I was harassed about this and do not want ANY magazines or gift card and she kept telling me I had to take this offer which is not what I called about. I am 82 yrs old hard of hearing and understanding and should not have called about this supposedly free offer plus shipping of Beyond...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / magazines

Edna Esquer on Nov 6, 2017

To whom it may concern: My name is Edna Esquer, I want to inform you that the magazine rewards business has charged me on 10/2/2017 $20.00 for magazine services that I did not request. I am petitioning, asking for a refund. I did not subscribe for a membership. on the other hand, I am...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / $50.00 walmart gift card!

magscam on Jun 18, 2017

On 6/18/2017, I called the 800 number(1-800-485-7612)to discuss the offer I received in my Sunday newspaper, a free $50.00 Walmart Gift Card On 6/18/2017, I called 1- 800-485-7612, to discuss the Walmart Gift Card offer. When a lady answered, she explained that the gift card offer wa...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / magazine rewards plus is a scam

Mamadirt01 on Jun 6, 2017

I decided to try the free trail for 30 days so I could receive the $50 Walmart gift card, which I never received. I cancelled the subscription before April 10 like it said to do but they are still charging me!! I just got some magazines yesterday and they arent even what I chose. Very...

[Resolved] Magazine Rewards Plus / Taking advantage and lies

Glenda Dysart on May 30, 2017

They took 2.95 out of my checking account after I disputed the charges I received a letter from them saying that I signed up for a magazine and I would be charged 19 .95 monthly subscription fee for a magazine that I never signed up for they also had my Credit card number I called them and...

Magazine Rewards Plus / use subscriber id: 52380977

Banulholo on May 25, 2017

Good afternoon, I still havenĀ“t received the gift card for Walmart. I did everything the correct way: - I had a phone call with one of your representative - my credit card was charged - I decided to discontinue the trial - I cancelled the trial in time I was told that even if I...

Magazine Rewards Plus / walmart gift and magazine subscription

David Kaufman 2 on May 14, 2017

I accepted the $1.95 offer on April 13th to receive a $50 Walmart Gift Card and three trials of three magazines. I have received nothing: no gift card and no magazines. I have called twice to cancel the subscriptions and was only able to get voice mail. I am tired of trying to get through...

Magazine Rewards Plus / no magazines, no place on website to unsubscribe, no answer on phone

Mrs. Craig on Mar 13, 2017

I was contacted by phone, the Woman was very pushy and I agreed to the "Trial" 3 mo. subscription of three Mag's I could careless about, eventho I had kept saying no. She continued to suggest that I donate them to a hospital or somewhere, so I agreed. Since then even tho I was told I could...

Magazine Rewards Plus / charged $1.95 - no magazines recd

priyankam on Mar 13, 2017

We were given tall claims about the magazines & charged $1.95 & were to receive 3 magazines in the 30 day trial offer... We never recd the magazines... Called their customer service... & a very rude person said that $1.95 was the authorization fee & since we cancelled the service within 30...