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National Magazine Exchange / terrible company

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They called me and said that they were from the national Magazine Exchange. It was a real friendly man, i do not remember his name but coincidentally we were from the same state!!! and so was the first guy who answered the phone! How ironic! How stupid and naive i was!!! He said he was calling from the credit dept. I asked for what credit card? Do I owe money?? He was calling to tell me I was a potential winner of a 2 million dollar sweepstakes, and to please hold while he gets his supervisor on the phone to take my info for the sweepstakes.

The supervisor sweet talked me, spoke really fast and was so vague on his questions, i started getting confused. He then asked if i wanted several subscriptions to magazines that I liked and bought in stores, for a fraction of the price; it came out to about .60 per magazine, which was a savings of over $2.00 each magazine! I was so excited and agreed. I ordered a one year subscription to parenting magazine, shape, and stay at home moms (i think that was the name he gave me). He said all i had to pay was $67 and change one time, i would be entered into the sweepstakes, and would receive the magazine subscriptions for a year. i was psyched. however time went on, and i started receiving magazines in the mail for Car and driver, Maxim, forbes, all these financial or men's magazines. I received only one Parenting magazine, and never received anything else except for these [censored] magazines i have no use for!! I mean I get at least 10 magazines a week, for ones I never ordered!!!

Then i went onto my credit card's web site where i had placed the purchase through, and lo and behold I see all these charges from at least several companies in the past two months since i subscribed. one charge is for NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL $67.08 on 11/14/08, NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL $67.08 on 12/16/08, AP9*ATHOMEREWARDS [protected] CT $19.95 on 1/1/09, NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL $67.08 on 1/16/09, AP9*ATHOMEREWARDS [protected] CT $19.95 on 2/22/09, $67.08 from NME*MAGAZINE ORDER [protected] FL on 2/24/09!!! I called the national magize exchange myself complain. they never answered their phones. it goes right to a voicemail box where i left three messages, three days in a row. the message states they will return your call by the next business day. this was last week. i never got a call back. I am so upset and furious that I have been scammed!!!

I just called my credit card company and had to cancel my card and get a new one. Can someone please help me? I want my money back! I don't want these subscriptions to magazines I NEVER ORDERED EITHER! Plus the ones i did pay for i never even got except for one magazine, and i only received it once last month! I was told when i signed up it was only one charge for the $67.00 for the 12 month subscription for the three magazines i believe. but he spoke so fast i could not understand everything. please help me! I have been scammed!!!

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  • Be
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    if you send your card company a letter about the items that were not agreed to by you with that company, they have a duty to investigate, and then should remove those charges, without having added late charges and interest from the time they got your letter. Even though they gave you a new card, you can still pursue this...the 2 accounts are probably not connected, but persevere, speak slowly, and wait...quietly continue when asked that you know nothing about those charges.
    they feel obligated to say something, or they want to help, and perceive you as not knowing what to do, and they want to help. But at all cost, do not get mad or talk shortly with them...even to dropping the phone to catch your

    anyway, good luck!! and I came here today because I just got this same letter, but now I always come to the computer and look up the company before I call anyone...I have been ripped off before...beth

  • Ch
      5th of May, 2009
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    i was a fool and agreed to this scam contest i knew it sound to good to be true damn thieves give me back my money

  • Ch
      5th of May, 2009
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    damn thieves

  • Al
      12th of Jan, 2012
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    I handle my father finances and the same thing happen to him in December 2011 he was scammed for $67.08 called the number and cancelled and then they tried to sell me stuff I told them no thank you so the next month comes and he is charged 40.97 he is on a fixed income. I called these numbers and demanded a refund..i got the 40.97 back at least i got some of the money back

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